Quote1 But when you're making a Batman, genetics is only part of the story. The rest is tragedy. Quote2
--Amanda Waller

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  • The very last scene in which Terry's shadow is flying past buildings and a police patrol vehicle is an homage to "On Leather Wings". In both scenes the patrolman voiced by Kevin Conroy exclaims, "Did you just see that!?" Homage to "On Leather Wings"
  • The "Justice League Unlimited" episode "Epilogue" was planned as the last of the "Batman Beyond" adventures to give some closure to this once popular set of characters. This episode also marked Andrea Beaumont's final appearance as the Phantasm.
  • Of Ace's new Royal Flush Gang that appears in the episode's flashback sequence:
  • Ten has extendable hair braids and is possibly named for Bo Derek's character in the movie 10.
  • Jack is a samurai, possibly named for the Cartoon Network show character Samurai Jack.
  • Queen is a man transformed into a woman, hence a "drag queen".
  • King resembles the crown part of a tooth and rides around on a hovering throne.

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