Quote1 Don't despair, old chum. Quote2
--Wind Dragon

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  • Amanda Waller makes reference to "the Squad" which she threatens to send after the Ultimen. This is a possible reference to Task Force X, which they later appear in the episode of the same name.


  • The episode pays homage to the Super Friends TV series in at least two respects:
  • The Ultimen consists of superheroes with powers that are similar to those that are native to the Super Friends TV series: Wind Dragon (Samurai), Long Shadow (Apache Chief), Juice (Black Vulcan), Downpour (Wonder Twin Zan), and Shifter (Wonder Twin Jayna). Their headquarters vaguely resembles the appearance of the Hall of Justice.
  • The four primary Justice League heroes in this episode are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman -- the same four primary heroes of the Super Friends TV series, with Robin not accounted for.

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