Quote1.png I think I was wrong about the people of this world. They can't live together in peace... So how can outsiders like us possibly help them? Quote2.png
-- Superman

Appearing in "The City of Tomorrow"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • The 99
  • Doctor Ramzi Razem
  • Nawaf al-Bilali "Jabbar the Powerful"
  • Dana Ibrahim "Noora the Light"
  • Aisha Mokhtar "Samda the Invulnerable"
  • John Weller "Darr the Afflicter"
  • Haroun Ahrens "Bari the Healer"
  • Miklos Szekelhydi "Jami the Assembler"
  • Amira Khan "Hadya the Guide"
  • Murat Uyaroglu "Rafie the Lifter"
  • Toro Ridwan "Fattah the Opener"
  • Catrina Barbosa "Mumita the Destroyer"

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Arabian Peninsula
  • The City of the Future (First appearance)
  • 99 Steps Foundation


  • Noor Stone


Synopsis for "The City of Tomorrow"Edit

During the opening of "the City of Tomorrow" in the Arabian Peninsula, the Justice League of America and The 99 team-up to discover what is causing disastrous earthquakes.


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