Quote1.png The entire planet has been infested by microscopic starro spores. The social order is disintegrating in every town, city and country. Quote2.png
-- Batman

Appearing in "Star Power"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • The 99
  • Doctor Ramzi Razem
  • Nawaf al-Bilali "Jabbar the Powerful"
  • Dana Ibrahim "Noora the Light"
  • Aisha Mokhtar "Samda the Invulnerable"
  • John Weller "Darr the Afflicter"
  • Haroun Ahrens "Bari the Healer"
  • Miklos Szekelhydi "Jami the Assembler"
  • Amira Khan "Hadya the Guide"
  • Murat Uyaroglu "Rafie the Lifter"
  • Toro Ridwan "Fattah the Opener"
  • Catrina Barbosa "Mumita the Destroyer"
  • Nizar Babikr "The Listener"
  • Rola Hadramy "Batina the Hidden"

Supporting Characters:


  • Mammoth (On a TV or computer screen)

Other Characters:



  • Safe-Suit #3


Synopsis for "Star Power"Edit

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