Quote1.png The old League is finished -- and hereby disbanded. Quote2.png
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "The End of the Justice League"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dale Gunn (First appearance)
  • Hank Heywood, Sr.
  • Mera (Behind the scenes)
  • Sue Dibny
  • Charlie Croom (a homeless man)
  • Danny (Vixen's photographer)
  • Mother Windom (a Cameron Street resident)
  • Ms. Bloom (Hank Heywood's secretary)
  • Rosita Ramone (Vibe's sister)




  • L.O.S.T. shuttle
  • NASA shuttle Galileo

Synopsis for "The End of the Justice League"Edit

The Justice League Satellite is destroyed. Members of the League try to salvage what they can, but it is a lost cause. They return to Earth, where Aquaman decides to re-evaluate the current status of the team. Addressing the general assembly of the United Nations, he realizes that the League cannot continue to function unless each and every member is ready to commit themselves 100%. As one of the original charter members, he carries the authority to disband the team.

Aquaman decides to re-establish the Justice League, but its roster will only be filled by those who are willing to give it their all. Zatanna, the Martian Manhunter and the Elongated Man decide to stand by him.

Mari McCabe, the fashion model known as Vixen learns of the new team, and goes to New York to join up. The League also meets a young, hotheaded cyborg named Hank Heywood III (Steel). Steel is the grandson of World War II legend, Commander Steel, and volunteers to provide the League with a new headquarters.

They fly to Detroit, where Steel shows them an old factory that had been renovated into a survival bunker. Commander Steel bought the place and converted it during the height of the Cold War era. There they meet Dale Gunn, a scientific engineer and Vietnam Vet. Gunn is an old friend of Hank Heywood, Sr.

Soon after relocating to the Motor City, the League meets Paco Ramone, a break dancing street rebel with the ability to generate waves of sound. Taking the name Vibe, he becomes a member of the Justice League. They also meet a mysterious street urchin named Gypsy. Gypsy never stays in one place for too long, and her ability to camouflage herself keeps her two steps ahead of the League at all times.

Paco and Hank strike up a friendship and Paco brings Hank home to meet his family. Hank immediately becomes infatuated with Vibe's sister, Rosita. Paco is very protective of his sister, and warns Hank to stay away.

That night, Gypsy is found sneaking around the perimeter of the bunker. Martian Manhunter captures her and brings her inside, but she quickly escapes before they can learn any more about her.

As the evening presses on, the entire community of Cameron Street comes out to officially welcome the new Justice League of America.


  • This issue includes an editorial by Alan Gold discussing the evolution of the current Justice League.
  • The dissolution of the Justice League of America came about as a direct result of the Earth/Mars War. Surviving Green Martian warriors from the surrogate world of Mars II returned to the Sol system in an effort to conquer Earth. Due to the advance warning of the Martian Manhunter, the Justice League was able to repel the invaders, but their failure to act sooner revealed that the individual members were not truly committed to League duties.[1] In Post-Crisis continuity, the Earth/Mars war never took place, and there never was a surviving Martian colony. In the new timeline, Earth was invaded by a fringe empire of outcasts known as the Debris. The Martian Manhunter never left the Justice League, and served within their ranks for the entire duration of the team's existence. Also, in the re-written history, Green Arrow was not present during the Debris attack.[2]
  • Mera appears on a pysche projector only. She breaks up with Aquaman in this issue.


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