Quote1.png Soldiers of the Red Brotherhood, are we so weak, are we so fearful, to let such an act of war go unavenged? I say the time has come to redress the balance -- to claim our heritage -- to take what is ours -- to strike for our honor, our children and our race! Quote2.png
-- The Marshal

Appearing in "War -- of the World? (Part I of III)"Edit

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  • Challenger robot (First appearance)


Synopsis for "War -- of the World? (Part I of III)"Edit

The Martian Manhunter races back towards Earth with a squadron of Martian warships hot on his tail. They manage to damage his ship sufficiently to fore him to crash land in the East River off Manhattan. His old allies in the Justice League try to help him, but J'onn quickly flies away with no explanation. They manage to catch him and get him to calm down, whereupon the Manhunter explains that the Martians of Mars II plan on conquering the planet Earth.

The Marshal, leader of the Mars II forces sends a robot liaison to the United Nations. This robot, the Challenger, issues an ultimatum, demanding that Earth surrenders itself to Martian control within one "terrestrial revolution".

As the Challenger leaves, the Justice League realizes that nothing may stave off a pending war between the two worlds.


  • The Earth/Mars War, as presented in this issue, is no longer part of modern continuity. In the Post-Crisis environment, the Martian fleet is replaced with a cadre of interstellar raiders known as the Debris.[1]


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