Quote1 It is time for our people to hear the voice of reason rather than rage. Quote2
-- Martian Manhunter

Appearing in "War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part III of III) - Blessed is the Peacemaker"Edit

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Synopsis for "War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part III of III) - Blessed is the Peacemaker"Edit

The Martian Manhunter flees the ruins of the Justice League satellite. The Marshal's men pick him up on their image scanners and alert their leader that J'onn is heading their way.

On Earth, President Reagan confers with Soviet leaders as well as the U.N. Secretary General with regards to implementing nuclear options to repel the Martian fleet.

Martian warships continue to blockade Earth's orbit. They engage Hawkman and Hawkwoman and open fire on their Thanagarian ship. The Hawks engage the ship's cloaking device, giving the illusion that they were destroyed in the crossfire. They reappear outside the perimeter of the blockade and open fire on the enemy ships.

Meanwhile, Martian scouts board the Justice League satellite. Black Canary and the Elongated Man fight them off, and Zatanna uses her magic to electrocute the remaining troops. Firestorm flies off to find the Martian Manhunter.

On the Marshal's ship, the Martian Manhunter lands his craft and finds his old lover, J'en. J'en is under orders to kill the Manhunter, but cannot bring herself to open fire on him.

The Manhunter heads to the command bridge where he challenges the Marshal in a trial by combat. He wins the fight, and the Marshal loses face before his underlings. J'onn convinces the remainder of the fleet to agree to a cease-fire, and they leave Earth's orbit to return to Mars II. J'onn however, elects to stay behind.


  • The Earth/Mars War, as presented in this issue, is no longer part of modern continuity. In the Post-Crisis environment, the Martian fleet is replaced with a cadre of interstellar raiders known as the Debris.[1]


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