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Appearing in "Rebirth (Part I of IV) - Gang War"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Skulls (First appearance)
  • Crowbar (First appearance)
  • Icepick
  • Slice

Other Characters:

  • Arnie Papagaulos
  • Los Lobos (First appearance)
  • Mother Windom
  • Henry Haywood, Jr. (In a photograph only)




Synopsis for "Rebirth (Part I of IV) - Gang War"Edit

Vibe is challenged by the Skulls to take a stand in the coming rumble between their gang and his former gang, El Lobos. When they threaten Mother Windom, Zatanna and Vixen step in to help, but Vibe doesn't appreciate their interference, and he stalks away. When Mother Windom fills in the other Justice League members on Vibe's background, and the fact that his brother is now leader of El Lobos, they intervene in a street war between the gangs after Vibe is stabbed by Slice, and easily end the violence. In the end, however, nothing is changed, except Crowbar, former leader of the Skulls, who is mysteriously trans-formed by an unknown being called the Overmaster.



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