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The Overmaster presents himself as being at least 580 million years old, and determinant of which Earth species have survived, explaining that he has gathered his six warriors, the Cadre, and brought the Justice League to his mountain residence to test humanity to determine whether it deserves to survive. Black Mass exhibits his ability to enlarge his mass and control gravity, the Shrike creates a shattering "song of battle," Crowbar hurls his powerful crowbar, Shatterfist creates a shockwave with his fist; the League retreats. Meanwhile, Dale Gunn finds Gypsy in the bunker, and takes her in pursuit of the team's missing transport in the Arctic. In their retreat, the team runs across an alien giant, sleeping amidst the mountain's abundant machinery, and Aquaman and J'onn J'onzz detect telepathic activity around it. The Cadre attacks again, and the team battles them. J'onzz determines that the glowing jewel hovering above the giant is the answer, and directs Gypsy to touch it. The touch creates a bright light which envelops the Overmaster and the Cadre, and they vanish. The Justice League and Gunn fly home, theorizing that the giant was the true Overmaster, while the other was some sort of parasite with delusions of grandeur who created the Cadre to make his dream come true. As they speak, the mountain takes off into space, revealing its true nature as a space vehicle.


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