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  • Unnamed Bar/Diner
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Synopsis for "The Tornado's Path (Part I of VI)"Edit

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  • The first chapter of writer Brad Meltzer's upcoming novel, The Book of Fate, is included at the end of this issue.
  • Supermam notes that Batman is agreeing on selections based solely on whether he trusts the candidates or not. This likely a reference to Identity Crisis, where it was learned that Batman had been mindwiped by several Justice Leaguers after he tried to stop their mindwipe of Doctor Light.
  • Jefferson Pierce's conversations/internal monologues imply a new Psycho-Pirate is active and selling his/her services of manipulating emotions (specifically 'Happy' and 'Ecstatic') much like an addictive drug and that Signalman and Silver Ghost are among those that have tried it.
  • Platinum claims to have heard how Reddy met Kathy from a Superman robot, who in turn heard it from Skeets, who must have heard it from Red Tornado himself. Apparently, robots talk in the DCU.
  • The events depicted in Issues #1 through #6 appear to be occurring during a single day.
  • The two shadowy villains in the Hub City bar are revealed in the next issue.


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