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Appearing in "The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold"

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  • Unnamed Bar
  • Unknown State/City
  • Unnamed Cemetery (Resting place of Boston Brand)



Synopsis for "The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


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Cover B

  • Heroes discussed and/or voted on for inclusion in the League this issue include: Black Lightning with a mention that a secret vote on Wonder Woman occurred.
  • Duplicate androids of Red Tornado have been designed by Professor Ivo in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black varieties. All are shown having the wind/tornado power of flight. In addition, blue ones can conjure wind, green ones can fire lightning bolts, and yellow ones fire light/heat energy beams (Arsenal calls the powers "the sun"). The black one is only shown punching. A red one (in a background shot) is shown projecting light/heat energy but this may just be a mis-coloring error.
  • The duplicate androids are shown as having a fail-safe mechanism in their subtalar joint (Achilles heel). The original Red Tornado body is said to have that failsafe in his neck.
  • The events depicted in Issues #1 through #6 appear to be occurring during a single day.


  • The epitaph on Boston Brand's gravestone is, ironically, "Forever With Us."

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