Quote1.png No point in being afraid of the dark, not when I know there's so much worse out there. Quote2.png
-- Doctor Light

Appearing in "Welcome to Sundown Town, Chapter 6: Metathesiophobia"Edit

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  • Gilliam Airfield



Synopsis for "Welcome to Sundown Town, Chapter 6: Metathesiophobia"Edit

Dr. Light follows Starbreaker through Shadow Thief's Shadowrealm. Zatanna is unable to transport the team through to follow her. While Z studies up some new spells, John and the team go to Dakota City to find Hardware and ask him details about the Shadowrealm. Hardware reveals that he is able to track Dr. Light, and does so. He finds that she is in the Himalayans, in the Shadowspire, headquarters of the Shadow Cabinet. With Gehenna's help, the team teleports there and finds the Shadow Cabinet all out cold. They then find Dr. Light, alongside Icon, battling Starbreaker. Icon notifies the team that Starbreaker has just killed the man who was holding the universe together.



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