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  • Andromeda
  • Orion (named next issue)

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Ted Knight is present at the press event for the opening of the Mt. Pride Observatory. The speeches are disrupted by a doomsayer and Ted attempts to placate him by giving him a chance to speak. The doomsayer warns of things we cannot control and hands Ted an old starchart before leaving. That night Ted returns to the observatory for one last chance to use the new telescope alone before the official workload begins. He looks in the area depicted by the doomsayer's starchart and observes the constellation Andromeda seemingly take three-dimensional shape and attack the observatory.

One week later Flash arrives at the seemingly shattered observatory having been called by Ted Knight. Ted tells Flash vaguely what happened and his belief that what he saw is responsible for the destruction of twenty-some power stations in western and southwestern USA. Ted believes the creature is "eating" power and will likely strike next at Boulder Dam. When Flash agrees they should go after it, Ted reveals he's in a wheelchair and must give up the mystery-man career. Flash goes on without him. The mystery villain appears claiming that Ted has sent Flash to his doom. When Ted doubts him, the villain has Solomon Grundy smack him into respectful submission.

As Flash races to Boulder Dam he reflects on how Ted seems completely beaten down. Flash arrives at the dam and finds the Plant Manager. Flash tells him he suspects the dam may be in harms way moments before a power surge occurs. Energy flows out of the line and takes the shape of a bearded giant with a spiked club. Flash attacks and keeps it occupied until he figures out a way to trap and drain the creature using grounded cables. It seems to work as the creature gets smaller but it soon changes into a canine-form and busts out growing larger, taking out the facility's towers (causing a nationwide power outage), and knocking the Flash unconscious. The Master Villain, meanwhile sends his henchmen and Solomon Grundy on their mission.


  • The story takes place sometime in the year 1950.
  • Much of issues 2, 3 and 4 occur simultaneously. Much of issues 5 and 6 also occur simultaneously.
  • For the bulk of the series, Ted Knight is shown in a wheelchair. He implies this is a result of injuries that occurred early in Issue #1; it is later revealed to be a feignt.
  • The doomsayer repeatedly warns "Beware the savage skies", which is also the issue's story title. This offers clues to the identity of the Master Villain.
  • Boulder Dam is better known as "Hoover Dam." In the real world, the dam's name history was rather complex but suffice it to say it was named Hoover Dam in 1930 after President Hoover but, when Hoover lost the bid for re-election in his own party (before construction of the dam was completed), political forces immediately sought to rename it "Boulder Dam." The name "Hoover Dam" was officially restored by the government in 1947.


  • Throughout the series, the villains watch the events unfold on television. In this issue can be seen images from "Love That Suzy" which is an obvious homage to "I Love Lucy" and of singer Snooky Lanson singing the end theme song to "Your Hit Parade." In the real world, "I Love Lucy" began airing in 1951; "Your Hit Parade" began airing in 1950.
  • The issue features "The Secret Origin of a Miniseries" in which Mike Gold recounts the publishing history of the JSA to present with some personal commentary.

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