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Appearing in "Thy Kingdom Come (Part V): Gog"Edit

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Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Part V): Gog"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Includes DC Nation editorial #103 by Dan DiDio featuring
  • Unlike the Kingdom Come reality where that reality's Gog's advocate renamed himself "Magog", the New Earth Matthews has directly taken the same name of his god.
  • The Earth-22 Superman states that on Earth-22 there was no Justice Society at all though the individual members are suggested to have existed as he recognized their counterparts on New Earth at his arrival in issue 10. The absence of the Justice Society on Earth-22 is another major difference of Earth-22 from the original Kingdom Come reality where the Justice Society did exist, though some of its members had been retired for several years like the Alan Scott of the Kingdom Come reality.


  • All currently active and affiliate (reserve) members, as well as potential members who have not yet officially joined, of the current roster of the JSA are present in this issue.
  • It is officially stated that David Reid is an actual member of the current JSA team and has left the Marines, though it has not been stated if he was officially transferred to the JSA as part of his service in the US military.

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