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  • This issue is the first full appearance of Sanderson Hawkins in the guise of the Sandman.
  • This issue reveals the deaths of General Glory and Minute Man. Both men were executed by the Fourth Reich due to their connection to Golden Age era heroes. Their deaths take place off-panel.
File:Justice Society of America v.3 3B.jpg
  • Stargirl makes reference to Icicle in this issue. Icicle was the name of two different characters who have acted as foils against the Justice Society over the years.


  • A statue of Nathan Heywood's father, Commander Steel, can be seen at the Heywood family reunion massacre.
  • During a team meeting, Starman blurts out the number, "52". This is in reference to an event that took place in the 52 weekly comic book series of 2006-07.
  • The molten steel that comprises Reichsmark's body is the same substance that once lined the exo-skeleton of Commander Steel.

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