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  • In panel 1, page 7, the long-haired Korean with the cigarette dangling from his mouth is Sung Koo, the former proprietor of Halley's Comics, a Chicago comic-book store. Chicago happens to be where Alex Ross lived.
  • At Norman's church congregation, Norman is preaching from the Book of Revelation (8:7, 9:2, 14:7) which parallels to the Kansas disaster. His audience is mostly composed of fewer and older attendees, which implied the loss of faith in superheroes among the young.
  • The news broadcasts that Superman watches are translated as follows: "The world was shocked by horrible acts" (Anglicized Spanish), "Tragedy in America" (Korean), "paralyzed by the news of Magog" (Portuguese), "fierce brutality of Magog" (Italian), "American by the name of Magog" (French), and "We have learned that Magog has endangered us" (German).
  • The rogue metahumans Manotaur and Trix fought each other earlier in the story, and much later are seen fighting on the same side, demonstrating that superhumans seem to be fighting just for the sake of fighting, with no regard to who gets hurt.


  • The Japanese graffiti that Norman walks by is the kanji title of the anime series Tenchi Muyō!. Also barely readable is the "Who Watches The Watchmen?" graffiti which is the quote of the Roman poet Juvenal that was thematically central in Alan Moore's Watchmen.
  • In the window of the shop that Norman walks by displays: Alternate Egos, by John Law, who is the Golden Age hero The Tarantula created by Will Eisner; and the book Under the Hood by Hollis Mason from Watchmen; and an signed World Series '02 baseball, which indicate that the setting of Kingdom Come takes place after 2002.
  • At the Planet Krypton restaurant:
  • The hotel in the background where Norman and (briefly) Flash passes by is the "Siegel," a reference to Superman creator Jerry Siegel.
  • Turtle Boy appears on a Jumbotron TV (interesting, its brand is called "Sonny" instead of Sony). The Chinese ideograms underneath the TV read "done" or "finished".
  • The Steve Darnall marquee on the theater who is a reference to the former editor for Hero magazine.
  • The "Secret Asian Man" on the billboard seen during the metahuman fight is a riff on the British TV series Danger Man, or known in the U.S. as Secret Agent Man.
  • The Spectre's line of "with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men." is taken from the radio opening of The Adventures of Superman.
  • The farm animals (monkey, cat, dog, and a white horse) at Superman's "farm" are references to the Legion of Super-Pets.
  • A portrait of Grant Wood's American Gothic appears on one of the news screens being watched by Superman.
  • Norman's monologue of "bending steel....changing the very course of the mighty river" is an echo of the words at the beginning of the Adventures of Superman TV series.

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