Knightsabre is a fictional comic book superhero created by Rob Liefeld.

Fictional character biography

Knightsabre was surreptitiously indoctrinated into the new Youngblood Program after he surpassed combat training in the Bloodpool. He became a permanent member of Youngblood and his time with the team was coloured by his animosity towards his team member, Die-Hard.

Knightsabre can instantaneously absorb the anger and aggression of the enemies within his immediate vicinity. He is able to convert this bellicosity and antagonism into kinetic energy that he can channel within his body and into different weapons and materials. He commonly uses three abilities: "Energy-Enhanced Strike," "Energy Absorption," and "Energy Manipulation." Due to his empathic powers, Knightsabre's temperament and personality are turbulent and cantankerous, and he is relentlessly quarrelsome, combative, and warlike. His aptitude and attitude has made him arrogant and cocky, and although the members of Youngblood usually engage their enemies strategically, Knightsabre is frequently the first to attack, even if this places him in extreme danger. In battle, he utilizes his "Blast Power" to attack while he continuously reinvigorates himself by absorbing the belligerence and hostility of others.

Knightsabre is a central focus of the limited series 'Judgment Day (Awesome Comics)'. August 30, 1997 is his thirtieth birthday and depressed at his perceived lack of real friends, he goes out and gets drunk. Depressed and stumbling drunk, he tries to simply spend a little platonic time with his female teammate Riptide. Instead he awakens covered with her blood. She is found dead in the next room. He is ultimately found innocent of her murder.[1]

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