Kuru pendant

Harvey2 Official Name
Kuru pendant
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Kuru medallion
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Harvey2 Lead Designer
An unnamed Martian craftsman
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Harvey2 Current Owner
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Martian Manhunter; Andre Dwyer
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A Kuru pendant represents a Martian's most intimate connection with his or her heritage. When a young Martian passes a rite of passage known as the Journey of Souls, a Martian elder awards them a Kuru pendant. The pendant maintains the genealogical memory of all who came before, and the recipient telepathically interacts with the medallion in order to develop a greater understanding of Martian lore and culture.

By the time of the Great Martian Plague, many of the Kuru pendants were destroyed. One of the planet's surviving members, J'onn J'onzz, recovered a medallion that he had given to his daughter, K'ym shortly before finding himself pulled through time and space to the planet, Earth.

Currently there are only two known Kuru pendants in existence. J'onn J'onzz owns one, and another recently surfaced at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility in Arizona.


The Kuru pendant maintains comprehensive information relating to the longstanding oral Martian tradition. By using telepathy, a Martian can interface with the pendant and gain access to all of its store knowledge. As such, the Martian can also telepathically add information into the stored database. Older medallions contain more information. Whether the Kuru pendant can be used by a non-Martian telepath has yet to be revealed.


  • The concept of the Kuru medallion was created by writer A.J. Lieberman.


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