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Appearing in "Second Chances"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Sir Bodric Hamandala (Single appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "Second Chances"Edit

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File:Durlan Phase switch.jpg

Time Trapper manipulations

  • This issue is perhaps most significant for the disappearance of the Durlan. He pops out of the timestream and is replaced by Phase, thanks to the machinations of the Time Trapper.[2] He will reappear in the 30th Century and become R.J. Brande, the founder of the Legion of Super-Heroes.[3] This is part of an elaborate ploy to prevent the Mordruverse timeline from coming to power.[4] Phase is ostensibly a temporally displaced amnesiac Phantom Girl, taken from time right before perishing in an explosion.[5] This was the original plan for the character, as Tom Bierbaum stated in his blog.[6] However, she will later be revealed to be Tinya's sister, Enya.[7] Her identity is again changed after Zero Hour to be one of the Post-Zero Hour Apparition's three bodies.


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