Las Mujeres Perdidas
Cover of Las Mujeres Perdidas
Publication information
Publisher Fantagraphics
Genre Alternative comics
Publication date August 1987
Creative team
Writer(s) Los Bros Hernandez
Artist(s) Los Bros Hernandez

Las Mujeres Perdidas is the third album of the American comics series Love and Rockets written and drawn by Los Bros Hernandez, Gilbert and Jaime, and published in 1987.

The cover of the compilation is by Jaime Hernandez, the back cover by Gilbert. Gilbert and Jaime's brother, Mario Hernandez, does not participate to this book.


These stories are dated 1983-1987. Unlike in the first two volumes, there are no more monsters and extra-terrestrials and science-fiction disappears almost completely.

No. Title Author Pages Comments
1. The Lost Women Jaime Hernandez 71 "Las Mujeres Perdidas" means "The Lost Women"; contains many parts
2. Fan Letter Gilbert Hernandez 3
3. Act of Contrition Gilbert 33
4. Le Contretemps Gilbert 3
5. The Whispering Tree Gilbert 3
6. The Laughing Sun Gilbert 20
7. A Date with Hopey Jaime 4
Cover gallery Los Bros Hernandez 5


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