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Appearing in "Issue One"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Imperial Guard (First appearance)
    • Gladiator (First appearance)
    • Manta (First appearance)
    • Smasher (First appearance)
    • Oracle (First appearance)
    • Starbolt (First appearance)
    • Flashfire (First appearance)
    • Impulse (First appearance)
    • Earthquake (First appearance)
    • Astra (First appearance)
    • Titan (First appearance)
    • 2 others
  • President
  • Jarvis
  • Mr. Slattery
  • Courtney Duran
  • Davida Kirby
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (Mentioned)
  • Kree (Mentioned)
  • Skrull (Mentioned)
  • Shi'ar
    • Majestrix Lilandra (First appearance)
    • Chancellor Araki (First appearance)



  • Elemental converter


Solicit Synopsis:Edit

At last! The long awaited sequel to last year’s surprise hit, the sold-out LAST HERO STANDING, which Ray Tate of Silver Bullet Comics called “a comic book mini-series that’s worth buying!” For centuries beyond reckoning, Galactus has consumed entire worlds to satiate his never-ending quest for sustenance, but now he has a new plan--one which may threaten the very existence of the entire Universe! Featuring: the mighty Thor, the Warriors Three, the Avengers, Spider-Girl, the Fantastic Five and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard!


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