Last Three of Venus
Publication information
Publisher Eagle
Created by Frank Hampson
In-story information
Base(s) Venus

The Last Three of Venus are fictional aliens, adversaries of the British comic book hero Dan Dare, appearing in the Eagle comic strip Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future: they are allies of Dan Dare's arch-enemy The Mekon.

The Last Three are creators of the elektrobots that the Mekon uses to conquer the Earth in Reign of the Robots and are mentioned at the end of the coda story The Ship that Lived, when the Mekon escapes after sending them a distress signal in the Flamelands of Venus.[1] They are seen in All Treens Must Die when Dan Dare penetrates their secret underground lair under the Flamelands. They are shown as three differently distorted versions of Treens, being masters of mental, physical and biological sciences respectively. They are creating a new race of Treens for the Mekon to lead which will not be "infected" by Earth ideas such as freedom and democracy. At the end, the Mekon destroys the Last Three for having failed to eliminate Dan Dare.


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