Quote1.png If you come in peace, I welcome you! But if you intend hostility - I advise you to reconsider! Quote2.png
-- Wonder Woman

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Knowing that the effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths will soon cause the entire Multiverse to collapse, Queen Hippolyta of Paradise Island gazes upon the Magic Sphere and reflects upon the heroic life of her daughter, Wonder Woman.

The 1950s
Wonder Woman participates in a parade and marches down the center of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Suddenly, her old foe Atomia arrives gliding downward on the back of one of her Neutonic slaves. Her slaves attack the crowd and begin kidnapping people, taking them back to Atomia's domain – the Atom Galaxy. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to coral as many civilians as possible, but Atomia manages to escape back to her home dimension.

Later, Wonder Woman meets a young girl named Suzie. Suzie is the niece of her close friend, Etta Candy. Wonder Woman doesn't want Suzie wandering about Washington Mall unattended, so she tells her to meet back at her "friend's" house – Diana Prince.

Back at her apartment, Diana telephones Etta while desperately attempting to placate the precocious child. Etta tells her that she is stuck at college and asks Diana to look after the little girl.

Later still, Diana goes to the roof of her building to summon her Amazon friend, Paula. Suzie decides to follow her and witnesses Diana transform into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman asks to borrow a nuclear triangulator from Paula – a device she used against Atomia once before.

Some time later, Atomia returns to Earth and uses her powers to transform a harmless harbor fish into a large, scaly monster. Wonder Woman flies into action while Suzie cheers her on. She easily incapacitates the creature, but events take an unexpected turn when a strange woman named Tashia arrives.

Tashia offers to aide Wonder Woman and brings Suzie and she aboard her aircraft. As the ship flies off, Atomia appears again and uses her mental powers to blast the craft out of the sky.


  • The Legend of Wonder Woman is a four-issue limited series.
  • The exact year that the flashback story takes place is unknown, but it has to take place some time after 1953. Suzie makes reference to It Came From Outer Space, a science fiction movie released that same year.


  • Steve Trevor makes reference to the Vice President at the Washington parade. Considering the time that this story takes place, the Vice President of the United States would be Richard Nixon.

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