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Legion Clubhouse

Harvey2 Official Name
Legion Clubhouse

Location Details
Harvey2 Galaxy
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Harvey2 Dimensions
Height: 80 feet; Diameter: 32 feet; Circumference: 100 feet
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The Legion's original Clubhouse was a rocketship that fell from the sky straight toward Metropolis and crashed in Kal-El Memorial Park. The Mystery Rocket soon became a tourist attraction. But, as the years went by the rocket lost its novelty and sat neglected.

After Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl formed the Legion of Super-Heroes, they began searching for a headquarters. When they visited the Mystery Rocket in Smallville, they knew it would be a fitting "Super-Hero Clubhouse." After all, it was the legend of Superboy that inspired the Legion in the first place.

The Legion convinced the owner of the Mystery Rocket, Mr. Piti Bornm, that they could open the rocket's impenetrable doors. After much struggle, Saturn Girl discovered how to open them. Once inside the three Legionnaires discovered that the Mystery Rocket was built by Superboy's father Jor-El as a prototype when he discovered that Krypton would be destroyed.

Inside the rocket, the Legionnaires found evidence to suggest that after sending baby Kal-El to Earth in another rocket, Lara and Jor-El packed the Mystery Rocket with diapers, extra clothes, toys and a last message to their son. It took a thousand years to arrive on Earth and crash on the very spot where Superboy's original rocket had landed.

With this new information, the three Legionnaires talked R.J. Brande into buying the rocket and help refurbish it. R.J. Brande also paid for several improvements such as: underground caverns, meeting rooms and providing the best crime-fighting technology that money could buy.

As the Legion gained new members, it became very crowded in the little rocketship. In a furious battle with the villain Validus, the invulnerable metal hull finally met its match. The battle with the Fatal Five all but destroyed the Clubhouse. The Legion decided to move out of it and build a more advance Legion Headquarters. And so the Legion left behind the original Clubhouse, and soon forgot how much it had meant to them.

But there were others who cared as much about the heritage of the Legion as the original Legionnaires had cared about the legend of Superboy. The Legion of Substitute Heroes found the battered hulk and refurbished it and made it their own headquarters.

Points of Interest

  • Communications Room: this room's Emergency Board has numerous screens linked to the officials of many worlds so they can call on the Legion instantly. This room also features the big monitor board, which keeps track and records the whereabouts of each Legionnaire. The tapes are sent to the Records Room. The big board is also used for voting.
  • Council Room: the main entrance leads into the main meeting room. The Legionnaires assemble here for meetings and to discuss missions, review their constitution and interview prospective applicants.
  • Gymnasium: the facility has a basketball court, fencing area, weightlifting equipment, etc.
  • Main Lab: the Legion's laboratory contains state-of-the-art scientific equipment, data-analyzing computers and a myriad of rare chemicals and elements.
  • Medical Lab: the emergency hospital and operating room is overseen by Brainiac 5, though any specialist may be called upon.
  • Rec Lounge: this room is for leisure, reading, listening to music and dancing. There are also several gaming consoles in this room.
  • Records Room: all the recorded Legion missions are stored in this viewing theater for research during trials, or meetings, or for new members to study training procedures.
  • Rogue Room : this room features memorabilia from the worst villains the Legion has ever battled.
  • Science Hall: many scientific devices and inventions are stored in this room.
  • Trophy Room: this room contains the many trophies, medals, decorations of honor and mementos of the Legionnaires.




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