Legion Flight Ring

Harvey2 Official Name
Legion Flight Ring
Harvey2 Universe
Harvey2 Lead Designer
Original: Brainiac 5;
Post-Zero Hour: Invisible Kid;
Reimagining: Brainiac 5.
Harvey2 Place of Creation
Presumably Brainiac 5's lab.
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First appearance


Engraved with the signature "L" of the Legion of Super-Heroes, this ring enables its wearer the ability to fly in both atmospheric environments and outer space. Legion Flight Rings are composed of the compound known as Valorium. Valorium has been compared to Thanagarian Nth Metal, which possesses similar anti-gravity capabilities. Booster Gold is one of the few known non-Legionnaires to use a Legion flight ring. Superman, as a former or reservist Legionnaire also possesses a flight ring, and keeps it in the Fortress of Solitude or cloaked on his hand as a reminder of his time spent in the 31st century.[1]


  • The rings are activated by conscious will power.
  • Legionnaire Blok must wear three rings due to his massive size.


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