Quote1.png Darkseid Was. And so -- Darkseid Is. Quote2.png
-- Darkseid

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Synopsis for "Foundations: Part Four"Edit

A Boom Tube opens in Kansas and a super powered being arrives. He says his name is Clark Kent and a second being arrives and begins fighting Clark Kent. Superboy arrives and begins defending Clark. The Legion of Super-Heroes arrive to break things up and the aggressive being, escapes via Boom Tube.

Clark explains to the Legion that he was kidnapped by three time travelers who took him to a dark planet, brainwashed him to become a servant of darkness and then he regained his senses and escaped to Kansas via Boom Tube.

Clark leads a group of Legionnaires to Apokolips and they begin fighting para demons. Darkseid arrives.


This issue contains a sneak peek of Fraction.


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Darkseid versus the Legion of Super-Heroes
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Having survived into the 30th Century, Darkseid has occasionally come into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes. This has happened twice to the Legion of Pre-Zero Hour continuity during both the events of Great Darkness Saga and The Quiet Darkness, and the Post-Zero Hour Legion met him during Legion: Foundations.

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