Quote1.png Understand this... between them, the beings you've just target-locked can sunder gravity, reverse time, split planets, freeze your minds and unleash power you've never dreamed of faster and more devastatingly than you could possibly imagine. You do not want to pick a fight with us. Quote2.png
-- Kid Quantum

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M'Onel arrives, closely followed by the Credo, who fight the Legion of Super-Heroes and then flee. M'onel tells the Legionnaires that the other Legionnaires from his group have been captured by the Credo. Kid Quantum gathers the team together and they go to the Credo's world and speak with its leader, Singularity. They parley and Singularity tells the Legion to turn over the Progenitor, Element Lad, and he will release the other Legionnaires. The Legion go home.

Live Wire, now in the body of Element Lad, turns himself in to Singularity who reneges on the deal and throws him in a cell with the rest of the Legion captives.


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