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Quote1.png I am not a god. I'm not some saint. I'm a sentient being like each of you. If you want to honor me, do your best to rule yourselves with sanity and reason. Quote2.png
-- Valor

Appearing in "The Legend of Valor"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Legend of Valor"Edit

At a meeting of the Dark Circle, there is dissent amongst their highest ranks. They disagree over how best to spread the darkness they worship, and whether or not they should allow themselves to experience the light of objective knowledge. To better lead their organization, they listen to the story of one of their greatest enemies... the legend of Valor.


File:Mon-El Origin 01.jpg

Pre-Crisis Origin

  • This issue massively retcons the origin of Mon-El, a classic member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The main function of this is to help write Superboy out of continuity, and replace him with the Valor identity of Lar Gand.
  • Mon-El's origin story was originally given back in the Silver Age. He was an amnesiac Daxamite traveler who crash-landed on Earth, and was taken in by Superboy and the Kents. After exposure to lead poisoning, he was put into the Phantom Zone until Superboy could find a cure, and remained there until the 30th Century.[1]
  • This is also the origin story for M'Onel of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Post-Zero Hour continuity.
  • Ultra Boy makes a shadowy appearance in this issue, which is his first mission as a Legionnaire.[2] Although it was fully explained in an earlier issue, this is a retcon of his origin story, which also involved the non-canon Superboy. When he first joined the Legion, he was asked to prove himself by going back in time to help Superboy.[3] In the Glorithverse, Superboy is replaced by Valor.


  • Valor mentions a number of worlds that they will attempt to colonize. These are all the homes planets of future Legionnaires and their enemies.

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