Quote1 Stupid, helpless brats! To think I helped pick them! Quote2
-- Wildfire

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Wildfire returns to Legion Headquarters in order to acquire a new containment suit. He lost his previous suit while on a mission with the new Legionnaires. Fitted with a replacement, he now flies off to help his friends.

Meanwhile, a separate group of Legionnaires operate on a mission outside of the planet Imsk. A flock of space dragons attempt to nest on the planet, but Shadow Lass uses her powers to distort the animals' sense. Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet set up a surrogate beacon that attracts the creatures and leads them away from Imsk.

Later, Element Lad consults with the Legion and tells them of Wildfire's missing team. They lost contact with them on a remote asteroid. The team takes a cruiser to the coordinates and finds that Doctor Regulus his holding the other Legionnaires hostage. He challenges Sun Boy to a one-on-one duel, and Sun Boy accepts. Regulus releases his prisoners and they return to the cruiser. Sun Boy and Regulus fight one another, but Sun Boy's powers are greatly weakened due to fiery creatures that inhabit the asteroid. He defeats Regulus by planting his Legion Flight Ring on him, and sending his body crashing into a pile of debris.

Back on Earth, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl attend the opening of the Legion Museum. The team's original clubhouse is now opened to the public, and officiated by Mayor Kahlid.

On Shanghalla, Timber Wolf pays tribute to his fallen comrade, the Karate Kid. He pledges to fulfill the Kid's last wishes by planting a flower at the Sacred Stones of Lythyl.

At the Time Institute, Brainiac 5 ruminates over what he considers to be the darkest day in Earth's history.



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