Lexy Produzioni
Former type Comic publisher
Industry Comics
Founded 2000
Defunct 2002

The ' ' ' Lexy Productions ' ' ' was a publisher of comic Italy na , headquartered in Terni.

Founded as a study of audiovisual productions , in 2000 began publishing comics US and books .

Among the titles published the publishing house created by Dario Maria Gulli and Daniel Rossi remember the titles of Crossgen Comics , the Dark Horse Comics , the Image Comics , including ' ' Savage Dragon ' ' and Sin City, in addition to the works of John Bolton and the series ' ' cult ' ' independent Strangers in Paradise.

Among the manga published remember Pollon famous in Italy for the cartoon transmitted by the networks Mediaset during eighties.

The Lexy has also edited Italian magazine of comics criticism ' ' Comics Journal ' ' , lasting a few numbers.

The publishing house Terni has ceased publication in 2003 to financial problems . His catalog was bought by Free Books .


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