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Limbo was a place outside of time historically ruled by Immortus. Limbo was a sort of "pocket universe", whose physical and temporal scope were extremely limited compared to the universe that ordinary human beings inhabited. To those within Limbo, it appeared roughly analogous to a planet, with a solid surface at one earth gravity and a sky devoid of stars.

Temporal Limbo was a timeless realm used for time travel. It was a dimension that was unique in that it existed outside the time-stream and thus possessed no time. Reality in Temporal Limbo was comprised of a single, ever-changing moment in which everything that ever was, is, and could be coexisted. Human beings within Temporal Limbo might have imagined that time passed there, since they were conditioned to think in such a way, but they could not age or die there.

It was ruled by Immortus from his castle Tenebrae, which was the primary point of interest there. Its primary occupants were the giant Tempus, the Space Phantoms, and Immortus. Temporal Limbo was primarily been visited by the Avengers and their allies, such as Thor. Thor once tried saving the planet Phantus, home of the Space Phantoms, from Limbo by expending all of Mjolnir's time travel abilities. It was later discovered that Phantus had just been a hoax, perpetrated to trick Thor into giving up Mjolnir's temporal abilities.[1]

Instead of killing his foes, Rom banished Dire Wraiths to Limbo.

Kang's city-base of Chronopolis was depicted as existing outside of time, and therefore could have been in temporal Limbo.


  • By a writer's intentional discretion or mistaken confusion, Limbo on occasion is presented as a mash-up, inheriting characteristics of multiple versions. Stuart Vandal, aka Loki, a contributor and editor of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2005: Alternate Universes replied in the official forums that "the Limbo he (Belasco) rules is not Immortus' Limbo, as established in the Deluxe Edition handbooks and Excalibur"

Most popularly, the Limbos were portrayed as one blended entity in Alex Ross's Earth X, but this has been declared officially non-canon.

  • At first blush, ROM's Limbo seemed as if it might have been a third limbo, but a canon reference to the Dire Wraiths as denizens of temporal Limbo was made in Avengers volume 1 # 268.


  • Dire Wraiths were also depicted roaming the temporal Limbo in What If I #39, although this series by definition is not canon.

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