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Linda Fite

Linda fite

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Linda Fite

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Linda Fite, one-time assistant to Marvel editor-in-chief Stan Lee, wrote "Dixie or Die" in "Rawhide Kid" #67 (Dec 1968), "The Female of the Species" (a profile of Marvel Girl Jean Grey) in "X-Men" #57 (June 1969), and "Tombstone Take-over" in "Kid Colt Outlaw" #141 (Dec 1969). She graduated to writing full issues in the 4-issue series "The Cat" (Nov 1972-June 1973). She also wrote "The Secret of Sea-Cliff Manor" in "Night Nurse" #4 (May 1973).

Linda married artist Herb Trimpe in 1973. They divorced in 2005. She is presently working for the Times Herald-Record newspaper in Middletown, NY.

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