This is a list of American comics, by publishing company.

Abstract Studio

AC Comics

Main article: List of AC Comics publications

Antarctic Press

Main article: Antarctic Press#Titles

Arcana Studios

Archie Comics

Main article: List of Archie Comics publications

Ape Entertainment

Basement Comics

Main article: Basement Comics#Titles

Charlton Comics

Main article: List of Charlton Comics publications

DC Comics

Main article: List of DC Comics publications

Dark Horse

Main article: List of Dark Horse Comics publications

Devil's Due

Main article: List of Devil's Due Productions publications

Dumbbell Press Max Rep in the Age of Astrotitans

EC Comics

Main article: List of Entertaining Comics publications

Eclipse Comics

Main article: Eclipse Comics#Titles

Evil Ink Comics

Evil Twin Comics

Fantagraphics Books

Fenickx Productions LLC

First Comics

Main article: List of First Comics publications

Flat World Knowledge

Gilberton Publications

Harris Comics

Main article: Harris Comics#Titles

Harvey Comics

Main article: List of Harvey Comics publications

IDW Publishing

Main article: List of IDW Publishing publications

Image Comics

Main article: List of Image Comics publications

Jester Press

Manuscript Press

Marvel Comics

Main article: List of Marvel Comics publications

New England Comics

Oni Press

Main article: List of Oni Press publications

Outland Pictures

Pacific Comics

Main article: List of Pacific Comics publications

Poison Press

Red Giant Entertainment

  • Amped by Bryan Augustyn
  • Arena: Earth
  • Banzai Girl
  • The Blood Conspiracy
  • Buzzboy
  • Catie & Josephine
  • Crow Scare
  • Dante
  • Drowtales
  • Duel Identity
  • Exposure
  • The First Daughter
  • God Mode
  • Greylore
  • Jade Warriors
  • Journey To Magika
  • Kat
  • Katrina
  • Last Blood
  • Legends of the Stargrazers
  • Lizzie
  • Medusa's Daughter
  • Midnight Piano
  • Modern Magic
  • Monster Isle by Larry Hama
  • Mrs. Hero
  • Pandora's Blogs
  • Porcelain
  • The P.S.I.C.E.T. Identity
  • Roboy Red
  • Scandals
  • Shadow Children
  • Sherwood
  • Shockwave Darkside
  • Sore Thumbs
  • Supernovas
  • Teen Angel
  • Tesla
  • Thundersaurs
  • TotallyTina
  • Warlords of Oz
  • Wayward Sons
  • Wayward Sons: Legends

Renegade Comics

Shanda Fantasy Arts

Slave Labor Comics

Top Cow Productions

Main article: List of Top Cow Productions publications

Valiant Comics


Main article: List of Vertigo publications

Virgin Comics


Main article: List of Wildstorm titles


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