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Checkmate is a fictional covert operations agency, as published by DC Comics.

The roster of the agency has changed a great deal over the years. These roster lists are of the members during the agency's various incarnations.

The codenames listed under Character are those used during the time frame of the particular iteration. Characters with more than one codename for that period have them listed chronologically and separated by a slash (/). Bolded names in the most recent iteration published are the current agency members.

First appearance is the place where the character first appeared as a member of a particular iteration. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the agency.

All information is listed in rank order first, then publication, and finally alphabetical.

Roster during Checkmate!

Character Real name Position First appearance Notes
Harry Stein N/A King Checkmate! #1 (April 1988)
Amanda Waller Queen
Harvey Bullock Bishop
  • Also member of the GCPD.
Phil Kramer
Scott Jameson
Grace Guinness Rook
John Reed Pawn / Knight
  • Promoted to Knight in Checkmate! #8 (November 1988).
Gary Washington Knight
Winston Churchill O'Donnel Checkmate! #4 (July 1988)
Mr. Wing Rook
Kalia Campbell Bishop Checkmate! #5 (August 1988)
Jack Wyznowski Rook
Jake Tyler Knight
Abe Crane Rook Checkmate! #9 (December 1988)
Roger Dayton Knight
Rene RockwellA Pawn
  • Killed: Checkmate! #10 (Winter 1988).
Connie Webb Knight Checkmate! #12 (February 1989)
Valentina Vostok Bishop Checkmate! #15 (May 1989)
Ray Carson Knight
Jacques Reynard Checkmate! #17 (June 1989)
Jerry Blake Checkmate! #19 (July 1989)
Conrad Mackay Checkmate! #21 (October 1989)
Mark Nagoya Checkmate! #30 (August 1990)
Arsenal Roy Harper Freelance ?
Black Thorn Elizabeth Thorne
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
  • Former member of the Suicide Squad.
  • Later member of the Secret Six.
Deathstroke Slade Wilson
Peacemaker Christopher Smith
Vigilante Adrian Chase
  • Died: Vigilante #50 (February 1988).
Vigilante Pat Trayce
Vixen Mari McCabe

Roster between series

Character Real name Position First appearance Notes
Phil Kramer N/A King Deathstroke, the Terminator #17 (December 1992)
  • Promoted from Bishop to King in Deathstroke, the Terminator #17.
Kalia Campbell Queen
  • Promoted from Bishop to King in Deathstroke, the Terminator #17.
Gary Washington Knight
Jack Wyznowski Rook Deathstroke, the Terminator #18 (January 1993)
Speedy Roy Harper Knight
  • Working with Cheshire in order to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil; betrays Cheshire later on
Winston Churchill O'Donnell N/A Deathstroke, the Terminator #19 (February 1993)
David Said King Detective Comics #768 (May 2002)
Jessica Midnight Black Bishop Detective Comics #773 (October 2002)
Sasha Bordeaux Black Knight
Huntress Helena Bertinelli Queen Gotham Knights #38 (April 2003)
Maxwell Lord N/A Black King DC Countdown #1 (May 2005)
  • Former financier of the Justice League.
  • Died: Wonder Woman vol. 2, #219 (September 2005).
Patricia Grace-Colby Black Queen The OMAC Project #2 (July 2005)
Ahmed Samsarra White King
Oksana Verchenko White Queen
Arthur Kendrick Knight
Jacob Lee
Graziella Rea
Isobel Sanchez

Roster during Checkmate vol. 2

Character Real name Position First appearance Notes
Taleb Beni Khalid N/A Black King Checkmate vol. 2, #1 (June 2006)
  • Seconded from Israeli Defence Forces.
Sasha Bordeaux N/A Black Queen
Green Lantern Alan Scott White King
Mister Terrific Michael Holt White King’s Bishop / White King
  • Concurrent member of the Justice Society of America.
Shen Li Po N/A Black King’s Bishop
  • Leave of absence in issue #16 (September 2007).
Amanda Waller N/A White Queen
  • Resigned from Checkmate in issue #20 (November 2007).
Jessica Midnight N/A Black Queen’s Bishop
  • British National.
King Faraday N/A White Queen’s Bishop
  • Resigned from Checkmate in issue #20 (November 2007).
Fire Beatriz Bonilla da Costa Black King’s Knight
Jonah McCarthy N/A Black Queen's Knight
  • Apparent death in issue #1 (June 2006).
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo White Queen’s Knight
  • Current member of the Suicide Squad.
  • Resigned from Checkmate in issue #20 (November 2007).
Thomas Jagger N/A White King’s Knight
Mademoiselle Marie Josephine Tautin Black Queen’s Knight Checkmate vol. 2, #5 (October 2006)
Pawn 502 Lucas Terrel Pawn Checkmate vol. 2, #8 (January 2007)
  • Infiltrated Kobra organization.
  • Died shortly after being lifted when cover was blown in issue #23 (February 2008).
Thinker N/A White King’s Bishop Checkmate vol. 2, #9 (February 2007)
August General in Iron Fang Zhifu Black King’s Bishop Checkmate vol. 2, #16 (September 2007)
Valentina Vostok N/A White Queen Checkmate vol. 2, #21 (December 2007)
Bad Samaritan Zviad Baazovi White Queen’s Bishop Checkmate vol. 2 #22 (March 2008)
  • A Georgian National.
Rocket Red #1 Maks Chazov White Queen’s Knight
Cinnamon N/A Rook Checkmate vol. 2, #24 (May 2008)
Gravedigger Tyson Sykes
Sebastian Faust Sebastian Faust
Master Jailer Carl Draper Castellan Checkmate vol. 2, #17 (October 2007)
Snapper Carr Lucas Carr Pawn 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #3 (December 2007)
G.I. Robot J.A.K.E. #6.1 Rook Checkmate vol. 2, #24 (May 2008)