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Prisoner #234026 is the original Killer Moth; his real name is unknown.

2-D Man

2-D Man is a villain in the Batman Beyond animated series. His powers are elasticity and the ability to be two-dimensional, which means he has a square-shaped body with virtually no curvature to his joints. Therefore, his body has no depth to it, and he resembles a thin piece of paper. His real name is Stewart Lowe, and he is a member of the villainous group The Terrific Trio.

30th century


3G4 is a villain in the DC Universe. He first appears in Aquaman vol. 5, #37 (October 1997). He was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore.


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4-D first appears in JLA #24 (December 1998) as part of the International Ultramarine Corps.


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500Z-Q, also known as Soozie-Q, first appears in Hero Hotline #1 (April 1989) as part of the Hero Hotline team.


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#711 is a superhero originally published by Quality Comics, and later DC Comics. He first appears in Police Comics, Vol. 1, #1 (August 1941), written and drawn by George Brenner.


8-Ball is a character appearing in 100 Bullets, published by Vertigo. He first appears in 100 Bullets, #29 (October 2001). He was created by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

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