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The Doom Patrol is a superhero team appearing in publications from DC Comics. The original Doom Patrol first appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963).[1] The majority of their foes have been members of their arch group the Brotherhood of Evil.

Central rogues' gallery

In alphabetical order (with issue and date of first appearance)

Villain First appearance Description
Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man Doom Patrol (vol. I) #89 (August 1969) Dr. Sven Larsen, Swedish scientist and former student of the Chief, fell into a vat simulating the organic soup of the primordial Earth and gained power to change his body into any form of animal, vegetable, or mineral.
The Brain Doom Patrol (vol. I) #86 (March 1964) Disembodied brain of scientific genius, the Brain led the Brotherhood of Evil.
Garguax Doom Patrol (vol. I) #91 (November 1964) Mammoth, obese forerunner of an alien invasion force who used the advanced technology of his world, including an android army dubbed the Plastic Men.
General Immortus My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963) Immortal “general” of a cultish criminal syndicate with centuries of knowledge about military tactics.
General Zahl Doom Patrol (vol. I) #121 (October 1968) Originally called Captain Zahl, the former Nazi U-boat captain was a frequent sparring partner with the Doom Patrol. His most notable claim is his role as the mastermind in the believed demise of the group alongside Madame Rouge.
Madame Rouge Doom Patrol (vol. I) #86 (March 1964) Instructor at a French girls’ school who was secretly the deadly Madame Rouge, with an elastic body and the ability to remold her face to imitate anyone.
Mr. 104 Doom Patrol (vol. I) #98 (September 1965) John Dubrovny was a genius biochemist who suffered a mental collapse and developed the power to transform himself into any element on the atomic table.
Mr. Nobody Doom Patrol (vol. I) #86 (March 1964) (as Mr. Morden); (vol. II) #26 (September 1989) (as Mr. Nobody) Mr. Morden, a “one-man crime wave,” stole giant robot Rog in his quest to join the Brotherhood of Evil; driven insane and turned into an abstract shadow form by an ex-Nazi scientist, he gained the power to drain sanity from his victims and rechristened himself Mr. Nobody, leader of the Brotherhood of Dada.
Monsieur Mallah Doom Patrol (vol. I) #86 (March 1964) Gorilla who was chosen by the Brain to be subjected to training and electric shocks that turned him into a genius.

Foes of lesser renown

In chronological order (with issue and date of first appearance)

Villain First appearance Description
Doctor Janus My Greatest Adventure #81 (March 1964) Josef Kreutz, formerly a propagandist for Hitler, escaped the fall of Nazi Germany and invented a radio-like device that made people see things that were not there.
The Green-Headed League My Greatest Adventure #82 (September 1963) Three green-skinned aliens disguised themselves as human and infiltrated the corridors of power over seven years of planning as Senator Durham, political powerhouse; Dr. Savatini, chairman of the International Science Foundation; and Monsieur Duvoir, famed financier.
Cooky and Nolan My Greatest Adventure #83 (November 1963) Basic crooks exploiting power outages caused when Negative Man’s energy form was unleashed out of control.
The Nuclear Beasts My Greatest Adventure #85 (February 1964) Two nuclear-powered creatures from the Earth’s core.
Giacamo Doom Patrol vol 1 #87 (May 1967) A little person who served the Brotherhood of Evil.
Vince Harding Doom Patrol vol 1 #87 (May 1964) Escaped killer who hid on a Pacific island loaded with deadly booby-traps.
The Baron Doom Patrol vol 1 #88 (June 1964) Monocle- and cape-wearing gentlemanly leader of thieves using advanced technology to execute stylish and daring plans, all in order to seize wealth to be used by General Immortus.
S/Sgt. Allen Norton Doom Patrol vol 1 #89 (August 1964) Amnesiac war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder that turned him violent when he heard sounds reminiscent of machine gun fire.
Dr. Tyme Doom Patrol vol 1 #92 (December 1964) Invented the “4-X beam” that slows or accelerates time in localized areas, and which he radiated from the top of his absurd alarm-clock shaped helmet. Hid in “Merlin’s Castle,” which he decorated with a large number of clocks.
Osra Doom Patrol vol 1 #94 (March 1965) Dr. John Radick, author of best-seller “Illusion and Reality,” was secretly the son of Dr. Janus and used Janus’s mental illusion radio to create the belief that Osra, the ghost of an ancient sultan, was destroying buildings.
The Claw Doom Patrol vol 1 #94 (March 1965) Hawk-masked thief who controlled super falcons Meena and Tonka, which had steel razor tipped claws and could fly at speeds topping 200 miles per hour.
The Bug Man Doom Patrol vol 1 #99 (November 1965) Used army of robots and a flying robot vehicle that could transform into simulacra of bugs.
King of Dinosaurs Doom Patrol vol 1 #100 (December 1965) Dr. Weir went mad and hypnotized a young green-skinned boy named Craig (secretly Beast Boy) in order to steal his key to a bank deposit box which held Craig’s father’s secrets of anti-evolution, which he used to engineer dinosaurs he controlled in a series of mad thefts.
Nicholas Galtry Doom Patrol vol 1 #100 (December 1965) Guardian of the young man who was secretly Beast Boy, he stole from the boy’s trust and hired an assassin to kill him to prevent the embezzlement from being discovered.
League of Challenger Haters Challengers of the Unknown #42 A villain group that usually antagonizes the Challengers of the Unknown. It consists of Multi-Man, Kra, Multi-Woman, and Volcano Man. The Doom Patrol once fought the League of Challenge Haters in "Doom Patrol" #102 when they tried to find Atlantis causing the Doom Patrol and the Challengers of the Unknown to team up to stop them.
King Zatopa Doom Patrol vol 1 #102 (March 1966) Leader of an Atlantean nation that was preserved in suspended animation and revived by Multi-Man and the Challenger-Haters, who held the nation’s queen hostage to force Zatopa and his army to work on their behalf.
The Meteor Man Doom Patrol vol 1 #103 (May 1966) Professor Randolph Ormsby, germ-phobic astronomer, was transformed by cosmic rays into a rampaging living meteor growing ever more powerful as he absorbed iron into his molten core.
Ultimax Doom Patrol vol 1 #107 (November 1966) Rampaging giant robot intending to create a world of living computers, who was armed with techniques to neutralize all of the Doom Patrol, including a gas that super-activated Elasti-Girl’s shrinking powers and sent her into a subatomic universe. Ultimately revealed to be a pawn of the Brotherhood of Evil.
Doctor Death Doom Patrol vol 1 #107 (November 1966) A disfigured, skull-faced man named Dr. Drew invented an energy shroud which he intended to use to strangle the planet and destroy all life, until Negative Man thwarted his scheme. He was obsessed with making Negative Man realize he was so freakish that he could work only with a fellow freak like himself.
Abu Hallam Doom Patrol vol 1 #107 (November 1966) Abu Hallam, masked like a witch doctor, infiltrated and took over Swiss bank C.G.Y., thwarting Steve Dayton’s attempt to uncover Nicholas Gantry’s financial crimes, until confronted by Steve Dayton and he revealed himself to be Monsieur Mallah in disguise.
The Zarakas Doom Patrol vol 1 #107 (November 1966) One of two warring nations in a subatomic world, led by Toxino, the one-eyed king, who was nearly deposed by Count Waja.
Mandred the Executioner Doom Patrol vol 1 #109 (February 1967) A single, powerful entity created by the sacrifice of Garguax’s Plastic Men androids, which threw themselves into a vat to pool themselves into one creature.
Zarox-13 Doom Patrol vol 1 #111 (May 1967) Thirteenth leader of Garguax’s alien race, who was revered by the epithets “Master of the Dark Forces, Ruler of the Ruthless, Protector of the Unholy, and Emperor of the Cosmos.” It took the combined forces of the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil to stop Zarox-13.
The Arsenal Doom Patrol vol 1 #113 (August 1967) A large mecha-suit, powered with an arsenal of weapons intended to neutralize the Doom Patrol’s powers, operated by a dwarf.
Kor, the Conqueror Doom Patrol vol 1 #114 (September 1967) Prof. Anton Koravyk, specialist in sonic technology, attempted to send himself back in time to escape the governments intent on channeling his talents into military uses, but accidentally punched through time and de-evolved himself into a Neanderthal warrior.
The Mutant Trio Doom Patrol vol 1 #115 (November 1967) Three telepathically linked flying mutants with three-fingered hands and destructive power (Ur, aka the Mutant Master, whose head is a giant eye, fires a heat beam; his brother Ar, whose face is in the center of his chest, fires a de-atomizer ray; and Ir, faceless mutant with a giant eye on the palm of each hand, fires lasers) claimed to be aliens but were deformed by atom bomb radiation, “the first children of the atomic age.”
The Black Vulture Doom Patrol vol 1 #117 (February 1968) A man named Decker attempted to swindle a Native American tribe out of its land, calling himself “Son of Geronimo,” until the Chief discovered his plot. Decker then sought revenge as the Black Vulture, a bird-costumed man flying by jet-powered gauntlets, wielding steel-claw talons, and controlling a menageries of superbirds (including a giant condor, giant eagle, and a flock of super-fast hummingbirds with poison-dipped beaks).
Videx Doom Patrol vol 1 #118 (March-April 1968) Jalmar Lichtmeister believed he had uncovered the secret to invisibility and tested his theories on himself, successfully turning his outer skin invisible but revealing his viscera and gaining power over light.
The Great Guru Doom Patrol vol 1 #119 (May-June 1968) Yaramishi Rama Yogi used radical “therapy” to attempt to emotionally cripple the Doom Patrol in order to distract them while he “liberated” Madame Rouge from her brief romance with the Chief.
The Wrecker Doom Patrol vol 1 #120 (August 1968) Harvey Keller, twin brother of artist Morton Keller, was distraught when Morton was killed by a medical error when a hospital data processor mislabelled his blood type. Keller created New World Island, a Sargasso sea in space of satellites and space craft, from which he plotted to use technology destructively in order to wean mankind from his dependence on technology.
The Beard Hunter Doom Patrol vol 2 #45 (June 1992) Ernest Franklin was a disturbed and closeted gay assassin of bearded men who was hired to kill the Chief.
Scissormen Doom Patrol vol 2 #19 (February 1989) The scissormen are from the metafictional city of Orqwith.


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