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This is a list of Green Arrow supporting characters.

In chronological order with name, first appearance and description.

Supporting characters

Character First appearance Description
Batman Detective Comics vol. 1, #27 (May 1939) A similar crime fighter to Green Arrow where the archer borrowed a number of his applications to the Dark Knight. The pair would serve together in the JLA and the Outsiders.
Hawkman Flash Comics # 1 (January 1940) Serving with Arrow on the JLA, the pair frequently argued over ideology.
Roy Harper More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941) Green Arrow's adopted son, sidekick, partner, and best friend. Harper began his heroic career as Speedy and later Red Arrow.
Seven Soldiers of Victory Leading Comics #1 (Winter 1941) Pre-Crisis, Green Arrow and Speedy were founding members. Post-Crisis, the pair would be replaced by Alias the Spider and Wing.
Scarlet Bowmen Adventure Comics vol. 1, #226 (July 1956) Peter and Albert Regal, heroes of the country of Belgravia, are jailed by a corrupt official and Green Arrow and Speedy must masquerade as them in their absence.[1]
Grandpa, Pearly, and Zeb Queen Adventure Comics vol. 1, #228 (September 1956) Distant relatives of Oliver Queen living in Tennessee.[1]
Green Arrow Fan Club Adventure Comics vol. 1, #231 (December 1956) A group of youths that idolize Green Arrow and sometimes become involved in his cases. Notable members include Terry Burns and Jimmy.[1]
Queen Arrow Adventure Comics vol. 1, #241 (October 1957) Diana Dare, the daughter of millionaire Everet Dare, sleepwalks under the influence of a potion as a heroine modeled after Green Arrow.[1][2]
The International Delegation of Masked Archers Adventure Comics vol. 1, #250 (July 1958) A group of archers that fight crime from around the world.
Xeen Arrow Adventure Comics vol. 1, #253 (October 1958) A resident of Dimension Zero, Xeen Arrow was a scientist that took on a role in his universe similarly to Green Arrow.[1][3]
Green Error World's Finest Comics vol. 1, #100 (March 1959) A clown that parodies Green Arrow at a carnival complete with an Errorcar and joke arrows.[1]
Arrows of Alaska Adventure Comics vol. 1, #260 (May 1959) Green Arrow trains Jerry Halleck, a classmate of Roy Harper, so he can return to his father Ed and the pair can fight crime as duo.[1]
Brave Bow Adventure Comics vol. 1, #262 (July 1959) A Sioux chief that would raise Roy Harper, son of a forest ranger that died. Reaching old age, Bow sends Harper to seek Green Arrow out to become his ward.[1][4]
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Showcase #22 (October 1959) When Arrow called Jordan on losing touch with humanity, the pair went a trip across the US and they became best friends.
Justice League of America The Brave and the Bold vol. 1, #28 (February/March 1960) The foremost heroic group of the modern age of heroes, Green Arrow would join the group as the first new member after their formation. Connor Hawke would later join the group after taking up his father's mantle.
Miss Arrowette World's Finest Comics vol. 1, #113 (November 1960) Inspired by Green Arrow, Arrowette tried to act as the hero's partner but instead fumbled in her attempts. She would later date the hero in their civilian identities. King would take on reporter Bernell Jones as her sidekick Bowstring, the two would later marry and produce daughter Cissie.
Funny-Arrow World's Finest Comics vol. 1, #138 (December 1963) A clown that parodies Green Arrow for a circus. He would later try his hand at being a hero before being impersonated in crimes.[1]
Black Canary Justice League of America vol. 1, #75 (November 1969) Serving together on the JLA, Arrow and Canary have a long time on-and-off romantic relationship, at one time being married.
Appa Ali Apsa Green Lantern vol. 2, #76 (April 1970) Member of the Guardians of the Universe, Apsa was chosen by his peers to accompany Hal Jordan and Green Arrow on their trip across America.
Jack Major Green Lantern vol. 2, #87 (December 1971-January 1972) Mayor of Star City that coaxed Green Arrow into running for office that the hero later learns was in league with the crime lord Thaddeus Cable.[1]
Great Frog Action Comics vol. 1, #436 (June 1974) Roy Harper's band that he played drums for.[1]
Danny Harris Action Comics vol. 1, #456 (February 1976) A comedian kidnapped by Lex Luthor for ransom before being saved by Green Arrow and Black Canary.[1]
Mack Morgan World's Finest Comics vol. 1, #247 (October–November 1977) A detective for the Star City police that provides information to Green Arrow.[1]
Ruth Anderson World's Finest Comics vol. 1, #248 (December 1977-January 1978) Dinah Lance's friend in the fashion industry.[1]
Onyx Detective Comics vol. 1, #546 (January 1985) Formerly a member of the League of Assassins, Onyx forsake that life and joined the same Ashram Monastery that Green Arrow once belonged to. When the order's master was killed, Onyx sought Arrow to take down his killer. She later came to Star City seeking that same killer again.
Champion Detective Comics vol. 1, #560 (March 1986) A paid protector that Green Arrow learned would create dangerous situations to drum up business.[1]
Thomas Bolt Detective Comics vol. 1, #560 (March 1986) Mayor of Star City that was also the crime boss Steelclaw in order to control crime in the city.[1][5]
Lian Harper New Teen Titans vol. 2, #21 (June 1986) The daughter of Roy Harper and Cheshire. Lian was murdered by Prometheus
James Cameron Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1 (August 1987) A lieutenant in the Seattle police department, Cameron did not support the phenomenon of costumed heroes becoming involved with police work.[6][7]
Shado Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1 (August 1987) An adversary of Arrow that would become an ally. She would take advantage of him while he was impaired and bear him a son named Robert.
Eddie Fyers Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3 (October 1987) A former CIA operative that became a mercenary, hired to kill Shado. However, he would abandon the assignment and eventually become an ally to Queen. Fyers would become a father-figure to Connor Hawke after his father's demise, promising Queen earlier to look after Hawke if such a scenario played out.
Anne Green Green Arrow vol. 2, #1 (February 1988) A psychiatrist that counseled Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance.[8][9]
Colin Green Arrow vol. 2, #5 (June 1988) A teenager that worked at Sherwood Florist, he is exposed as a member of the Warhogs street gang who under the orders of sub-boss Kebo attacked and, in some cases, murdered homosexual men.[8][10]
Marianne Green Arrow vol. 2, #36 (September 1990) Dinah Lance's assistant and driver for Sherwood Florist after being saved by and befriending Green Arrow, Marianne would steal a kiss from Queen one New Year's Eve, confessing her love for him and the catalyst for the separation between Queen and Lance when the heroine witnessed the event. The heroic pair wouldn't become an item again until after Queen returned to life.[8]
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Green Lantern vol. 3, #48 (January 1994) One of Connor Hawke's best friends carrying on the tradition made by Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen.
Connor Hawke Green Arrow vol. 2, #0 (October 1994) The son of Oliver Queen and Moonday Hawke, Connor picked up his father's mantle for a time as Green Arrow.
Stanley Dover, Sr. Green Arrow vol. 3, #1 (April 2001) A seemingly kindly, wealthy philanthropist that discovered a reborn Oliver Queen and offered him assistance in his mission as Green Arrow. However, Dover was in reality a demon-worshiper known to the public as the Star City Slayer that sought Queen's soulless body as a new vessel for himself. When Queen's soul returned to his body and a demon Dover summoned turned on the elder, killing him, the Emerald Archer inherited his wealth (as Dover believed he would have switched bodies).
Speedy Green Arrow vol. 3, #2 (May 2001) An underage prostitute, Arrow saved and made Mia Dearden his ward. She would later become his sidekick, despite his objections.
Manitou Dawn JLA #75 (January 2003) The wife of Manitou Raven that carried on an affair with Green Arrow while he was part of the Justice League Elite.
Joanna Pierce Green Arrow vol. 3, #26 (July 2003) The niece of Jefferson Pierce, Joanna was a lawyer for the Lamb Valley Tenants Association who had an affair with Oliver Queen. She was later killed by Constantine Drakon.
Justice League Elite JLA #100 (August 2004) A group formed out of the JLA with members of the Elite that would attempt to stop threats before they surfaced in a more proactive stance. Green Arrow was a founding member.
Brick Green Arrow vol. 3, #40 (September 2004) A crime boss in Star City and a nemesis for Green Arrow, after Doctor Light and Merlyn destroyed most of Star City, Brick became an anti-hero and sometimes ally to Arrow in the remnants of the city.
Frederick Tuckman Green Arrow vol. 3, #60 (May 2006) Oliver Queen's assistant while he was mayor (who also handled his mayoral campaign), Tuckman would take over as mayor of Star City when Queen stepped down.
Sin Birds of Prey #92 (May 2006) The adopted daughter of Green Arrow and Black Canary.
Natas Green Arrow vol. 3, #66 (November 2006) An exceptional assassin that once trained Deathstroke, Natas was hired by Oliver Queen to train him to become more effective. He would employ information from Natas to steal billions from corrupt companies to finance a mayoral campaign.
The Outsiders Batman and the Outsiders vol. 2, #1 (December 2007) A group of covert operatives employed by Batman to investigate and oppose threats before they surface. Green Arrow would join shortly after the group's reformation under the Dark Knight.

Alternate realities

  • Olivia Queen: Biological daughter of Oliver and Dinah Queen introduced in Kingdom Come #2 (June 1996).

In other media

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