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3-D Man

Although his adventures take place in the 1950s, the character was created by Roy Thomas in the 1970s in the anthology series Marvel Premiere. The character was writer Thomas' homage to the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby character Captain 3-D, and was intended by Thomas as a commentary on contemporary societal themes using 1950s analogues.[1]

The character also appeared in Incredible Hulk #251–252, Contest of Champions, and What If vol. 1, #9. 3-D Man did not appear again for many years, until he was reintroduced in Avengers Forever #4 and appeared in Avengers #50–55 and the 2008 Secret Invasion: Skrulls one-shot.


The first 8-Ball fully appeared in Sleepwalker #2, although he was seen on the television in #1. He was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins.



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