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N'Gabthoth is a demon who has clashed with the Doctor Strange.[issue # needed] He once served as an agent of Shuma-Gorath.[issue # needed] N'Gabthoth has great magical power, and could fire bolts of mystical force from his eye.


N'Kantu, the Living Mummy




Nameless One

The Nameless One is a two-headed demon. The Nameless One first appeared in Sub-Mariner #22 (February 1970), and was created by Roy Thomas and Marie Severin. He was the leader of the Undying Ones, and led them to conquer the Earth millennia ago. The Undying Ones ruled the Earth for ages, though eventually their powers waned and were forced to return to their own realm. The Nameless One continued to rule them when they were exiled from Earth, and during several attempts to conquer it again in modern times.[issue # needed] Later, another demon became a successor to the previous, two-headed Nameless One as leader of the Undying Ones. This demon tried to use Wolverine to kill Doctor Strange. Wolverine, enhanced by demonic magic, slew this Nameless One and many of the Undying Ones.[1]


Namor the Sub-Mariner



Nance Winters



  • (Avengers Arena)






Nebulos appeared in Strange Tales #161-163 (October–December 1967), and was created by Dan Adkins and Raymond Marais. Nebulous is an extra-dimensional being, the ruler of the Planets Perilous. He once possessed the "Staff of Polar Power", which absorbed evil magical energy. Nebulos encountered Doctor Strange and Victoria Bentley, who had been banished from Earth to another dimension by Baron Mordo. Nebulos commanded Strange to take hold of his Staff of Polar Power, which placed him under Nebulos' control. Strange was sent back to Earth to battle Mordo, absorbing Mordo's power into the staff. Strange was able to banish Mordo to another dimension, but was then pulled back to the Planets Perilous by Nebulos. The staff returned to Nebolus' possession at his whim.[issue # needed]




Luchino Nefaria

Luchino Nefaria

  • (Earth-616)


Negasonic Teenage Warhead


Foggy Nelson





  • Neooqtoq the Ravager is called the deadliest of the Great Beasts. Snow Bird assumed its form during the Secret Invasion to battle off the Skrull Gods army of enslaved alien gods. It resembles giant brittle star whose arms are covered with fanged maws.


Ray Nesters



Neurotap was created by Fabian Nicieza and Tony Daniel, and first appeared in X-Force Annual #2. Neurotap worked with Martin Henry Strong to find mutants for his experiments. She hates the fact that she is a mutant and worked with Strong only because he promised he would not only cure her but also help settle the severe financial burdens her parents suffered when they both were put into comas when her powers first manifested. During her tenure with Strong Industries she was romantically involved with Adam X the X-Treme,[issue # needed] but later betrayed him for the sake of her parents.[issue # needed] Neurotap sends neurosynaptic pulses via eye-contact, causing slowness, paralysis, and nervous system damage.

Adam Neushuk


Kate Neville

Kate Neville first appeared in Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 (August 1988), and was created by Bob Harras and Paul Neary. The character subsequently appears in the Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. series that began in 1989 and ran until 1993. Kate Neville was born on Long Island, New York. She majored at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy in efficient killing, an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and a superb marksman with firearms. Kate held the title of Chief of Ordnance. Kate was later transferred to the SHIELD Base Tau/Ce, a class C armory and Communications center. She posed as a receptionist for the firm Knopf and Lilicrap Insurance, which was just a front of SHIELD itself.[issue # needed]b Kate Neville is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and a superb marksman with firearms. She is a highly skilled assassin, adept in many techniques of killing. Kate Neville appeared in Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., portrayed by Tracy Waterhouse.

New Men

Nexus of All Realities

Nezarr the Calculator

Nezarr the Calcular is a Celestial. The character, created by Jack Kirby, first appeared in The Eternals #9 (March 1977). Within the context of the stories, Nezarr is a Celestial present during at least the First[2] and Fourth Hosts to visit Earth.[3][4] His specific task among the Celestials is not made clear in the stories, though he is shown to be their mathematician and possessing the ability to project illusions.

NFL Superpro

Sha Shan Nguyen


Night Flyer

Night Nurse

Night Raven

Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor)

Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor)


Nightcat was an aborted attempt on the part of Marvel Comics to create a real-world character that would also star in its comic books. Portrayed by Jacqueline Tavarez, Nightcat was to be both a comic book superhero as well as a real-world singer. The experiment got as far as the release of one comic book and one music CD before the plug was pulled.[5][6] In the comics, Jacqueline gained cat-like powers and used them to fight crime.[7]




Nightingale first appeared in Marvel: The Lost Generation # 12. She was a founding member of the First Line, joining at the request of the Yankee Clipper.[issue # needed] Her origin is unknown, but she is apparently Caribbean. Nightingale has the power to sense emotions and life-forces and to heal the injuries of others. However, her abilities can be "overloaded" if she is in proximity to too much death at once. She also apparently has some Psychic abilities which give her premonitions of future events. Nightingale died during the first attempted Skrull invasion of Earth. Her healing and empathic powers were overloaded by the amount of death surrounding her, resulting in her own death.[issue # needed]



Nightmask (newuniversal)






Emil Nikos

Niles Van Roekel

Niles Van Roekel is a villain created by Marvel Comics and Electronic Arts. He first appeared in Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects #1 (November 2005). In the video game, he was voiced by Michael Dobson. Van Roekel was a top level scientist in his alien world. A highly respected academic, and a patriot, Van Roekel proudly served his people. He was a leading authority in the areas of DNA research, sociology, Biology, and art – the Leonardo da Vinci of his race.


Nimrod (vampire)

Nimrod was a former soldier appointed by Varnae to be the lord of Earth's vampires, and was granted the ability to control other vampires mentally. Nimrod captured Dracula on the night Dracula first became a vampire, and forced Dracula to submit to him. Dracula challenged Nimrod to a battle with wooden stakes. As Varnae predicted, and anticipated, Dracula slew Nimrod in the duel, and succeeded him as the new lord of Earth's vampires.[8] Nimrod first appeared in Dracula Lives! #3 (October 1973), and was created by Marv Wolfman and John Buscema.

Nina Price


Ningal is a demon who has clashed with Doctor Strange. He allies himself with the demons known as Ludi and Dweller-in-Darkness.[issue # needed] Ningal first appeared in Chamber of Chills #3 (March 1973), and was created by Gardner Fox and Ernie Chua.

Adri Nital


Kiden Nixon


No-Girl, or Martha Johansson, is a fictional mutant character, an isolated brain. The character was created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver and first appeared in New X-Men #118.

A runaway, she was captured by the U-Men, and their founder John Sublime had her brain removed from her body and kept it alive in a capsule. Sublime controls her through drugs and uses her to telepathically subdue his opponents, the two X-Men Cyclops and Emma Frost. Emma eventually freed herself and Cyclops from Martha's psionic control, inadvertently allowing Martha to take revenge on Sublime by telepathically forcing him to fall to his death.[9]

She later becomes a student in the Xavier Institute's Special Class. Quentin Quire invents a special hovering case to hold her brain, allowing her a level of mobility.[10]

When Xorn destroys the school and forms a new Brotherhood of Mutants under the guise of Magneto, Martha is among those who join. However, Martha's loyalty does not last; she accurately predicts that Xorn's scheme to murder every human in Manhattan and turn the planet upside down will fail. Following Xorn's death, Martha returns to the X-Mansion, appearing infrequently as part of the student body.[11]

After the X-Men abandon the X-Mansion and relocate to San Francisco, Beast finds Martha in his old lab and retrieves her from the ruined Xavier Institute in a carrying case, bringing her to the new headquarters.[12]

Martha is later featured in a one-shot story entitled "Martha Johansson vs. Quentin Quire: 7½." Now relocated to the mutant safe haven of Utopia, Martha finds herself the appointed "arch-nemesis" for a newly revived Quentin Quire. Finding life on a higher plane to be "boring," Quentin revives himself and decides to become a villain and secretly destroy Utopia, claiming that the X-Men stole his idea to create a mutant nation. Making a game of his master plan, he gives Martha seven and a half minutes to attempt to stop him. Martha attempts to alert the X-Men and locate Quentin, but he manages to intercept and taunt her at each attempt, ultimately smashing her container and leaving her to die. Martha realizes that Quentin has infiltrated Cerebra to destroy the island and take revenge on the Cuckoos by trapping them in a mental loop. Martha outsmarts Quentin's plans by using her powers to tip off the Cuckoo Celeste to an error in Quentin's mental loop. The Cuckoos are then able to break free and quickly defeat him. They send help for Martha and thank her for saving them. Martha reflects on the experience, finding that she enjoyed it, and contemplates the possibility of taking up superheroism.[13]

During the separation between the X-Men in two teams, Martha choose to stay at Utopia. At the request of Zero, she joins the Lights of Hope Summers. Through the use of Zero's techno-organic powers, Martha has received a new physical body very similar to Zero's, with her front lobe exposed. She has subsequently been seen sharing Zero's bed, though whether this is a depiction of intimacy or merely the only practical way for her to keep her new body is undetermined. During Zero's rampage on Utopia, Martha and Hope work together stopping him and sacrificing her new body in the process, but Hope saves her and she is back in a new brain canister. It is revealed that Martha's powers could negate Zero's with ease.[issue # needed]

After Wolverine's death, one of his last requests was for Spider-Man to join the Jean Grey School as a teacher for the Special Class so that he could identify a mole that Wolverine believed was among the student body. While Martha was one of the suspects, Spider-Man came to trust her while Martha respected him as a teacher, helping to shield his mind from an attempted telepathic probe by Rachel Summers and later protecting his conscious mind when he was forced to take on a new symbiote to stop a symbiote invasion of a S.W.O.R.D. satellite. It was eventually revealed that the mole was Ernst, who had been working with Mister Sinister to provide him with DNA samples of the X-Men in exchange for him giving Martha a new body. However, when the time came for Sinister to uphold his end of the bargain, he just placed Martha in a clone of Storm's body rather than recreating her old one, prompting Martha to reject this offer and convincing Ernst to remove her from the clone. Once Sinister was defeated, Martha apparently began dating Eye-Guy, whose new perceptions had expanded to a point where he claimed that he could even 'see' Martha 'smile' if he looked at her the right way.

Martha is a telepath, able to communicate mentally and manipulate the minds of other beings. In her introduction as an isolated brain Martha uses her telepathy to communicate through others near her, but typically only directs her telepathic speech to her classmate Ernst, who then repeats her comments to others.[14] She is able to telepathically override and control the motor functions of others. This allows her to temporarily negate the powers of other mutants, though she must be at close range to do so.[13] She can also project her consciousness into the minds of others, taking complete possession of their bodies while leaving her brain unconscious and vulnerable.[15]

Martha can broadcast disruptive psionic distortion (called "psycho-chaff") into her immediate environment that clouds the minds of others, inhibiting their concentration and autonomic nervous functions to the point of stupor.[16] Her abilities in this area are shown to be strong enough to overpower the subconscious defenses of Emma Frost when Emma was in her diamond form and unable to access her own telepathy.[16] However, Martha's "psycho-chaff" is not strong enough to bypass Emma Frost's conscious telepathic abilities, as Emma was able to easily overpower Martha and regain control of her motor functions after shifting out of her diamond form and regaining her telepathy.[17]

Without a body, Martha is limited in all other areas. She, as a brain, travels in a fluid-filled jar with technology (invented by fellow Xavier Institute student Quentin Quire) that allows it to float, and is anchored via a metal chain. The floats offer her some level of mobility, moving in the direction of her choosing.[14]

It was also stated that, in her original body, Martha's blood had luminescent properties; Martha wrote a note to her parents using her own glowing blood when she ran away from home.[18]

It is unknown if Martha had Zero's powers in the body he created for her, but it seems she was dependent on Zero's concentration for her form to be maintained.

Other versions of No-Girl

  • In the Age of X reality, Martha Johansson was shown incarcerated in Fortress X's X-Brig as part of the 'Moira' personality's attempt to prevent telepaths exposing her manipulation of reality.[19]
  • Johansson is present in the alternate future Here Comes Tomorrow, set some 150 years from the present. She is still close friends with Ernst, who is revealed to be a benevolent reincarnation of Cassandra Nova. Along with Nova, she stands alongside Wolverine, E.V.A., the Three-In-One, and Beak's Grandson Tito Jerome Bohusk against a Sublime-possessed version of the X-Man Beast, who prematurely revives Jean Grey in order to control her and the Phoenix Force.[issue # needed]
  • In Chris Claremont's X-Men: The End storyline, which takes place some 20 years ahead of standard X-Men continuity, Martha Johansson has taken on the role of Cerebra.[issue # needed]


No-Name of the Brood is a Sleazoid Brood Queen who first appeared as a main character in the Planet Hulk storyline of The Incredible Hulk. Brood Queen from the planet Sakaar who becomes the lover of insect king Miek. During World War Hulk, when it was discovered that Miek was the one who let the shuttle that brought Hulk to Sakaar explode (destroying the planet's imperial capital where Hulk's kingdom had been), "No-Name" and Hulk attacked Miek.[issue # needed] Currently on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. with the Warbound. In World War Hulk: Aftersmash! Warbound #4, it was revealed that, shortly after the Red King's defeat, she and Miek sired several crossbreed insectoids. Completely mindless and savage, the young ran amok and had to be killed by their own mother.


Nobilus is a clone of Thor created by the High Evolutionary as one of his New Immortals. Nobilus was created by the High Evolutionary aboard his starship, New Wundagore, as one of his New Immortals. Along with fellow New Immortals Juvan and Zon, Nobilus was a part of the civilization of the New Men abord New Wundagore. Nobilus was to be a warrior and defender of New Wundagore. Nobilus was cloned from Asgardian cell samples obtained from Thor by the High Evolutionary. As such, he has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes, as well as an extremely long life span and immunity to all Earthly diseases. He is also a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, trained in various forms of ancient and modern armed and unarmed combat techniques with the Knights of Wundagore.

Noble Kale

Nia Noble

Nia Noble is the daughter of two supervillains, but she herself is heroic. She first appeared in New Invaders #3 (November 2004). Nia Noble is a hybrid of a human telepath and an enhanced Atlantean. Her father was the Atlantean Nazi sympathizer U-Man, and it is believed that her mother was the World War II-era villainess called Lady Lotus. Nia is a hybrid of Homo sapiens (possibly Homo superior) and Homo mermanus. As such, she has the ability to breathe and survive indefinitely in either air or water. Her strength, stamina and physical durability are all superhuman, sufficiently so to allow her to fight hand to hand against U-Man. In addition, she has inherited some limited telepathic ability from her (assumed) mother Lady Lotus. Nia is able to project intensely painful mental attacks, create mindscapes to allow for the astral interactions of others and to control the powers of others as if they were her own.


Nocturne is the name of several characters in the Marvel Universe.

Nocturne (Talia Wagner)

Nocturne (Angela Cairn)

Angela Cairn is primarily associated with Spider-Man comics. She was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Sal Buscema, and first appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1 #190 (July 1992). Cairn was first introduced as a New York City police officer.[20] Later she was transformed by a mutate of Baron Helmut Zemo into a mute bat-winged entity known as Nocturne.[21] Following her transformation she had several encounters with Spider-Man. At one point she met, cared for and allied herself with the sometime-villain Puma.[22]


  • (Captain Marvel)




Jack Norriss

Dakota North



Nostromo is a mutant character created by Marvel Comics for their Marvel 2099 run X-Nation 2099. This short-lived series only lasted six issues before being cancelled and absorbed into the 2099: World of Tomorrow imprint. In the year 2099, President Doom contacted Cerebra of the X-Men 2099 to let her know about a recent prophecy about a Mutant messiah. She undertook the task of locating and training possible candidates and bringing them to Halo City, one of which was Nostromo. Nostromo is gifted with a technological mutation that allows him to interface with and restructure technology via his arms, and use techno-organic material to heal any of his wounds. After he became possessed by the Phalanx, it is assumed that he acquired their abilities of shapeshifting, matter assimilation, and collective consciousness.



Nova-Prime (Tanak Valt) first appeared in Fantastic Four #204-206 (March–May 1979), and was created by Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard, and Joe Sinnott. The character subsequently appears in ROM #24 (November 1981). Tanak Valt was one of the founders of the Nova Corps, and was its high commander (Centurion) for several years. His wife Adora was the Suzerain (queen) of Xandar. He was made Nova-Prime upon Nova's return to Earth, and was also made leader of the Champions of Xandar.


Nox is the Olympian Goddess of the Night (possibly degenerated into a demon), one of the Fear Lords, who has clashed with Doctor Strange. She seduced her fellow Olympian, Ares, the Olympian God of War, by posing as Aphrodite a.k.a. Venus, the Olympian Goddess of Love, in order to trick him into giving her sons: Phobos, the Olympian God of Fear, and Deimos, the Olympian God of Terror.[23] She then fought Strange, Clea, and Rintrah.[issue # needed]


Nth Man

Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja


Nuke (Frank Simpson)


Null, the Living Darkness



Nut is a member of the Heliopolitans in the Marvel Universe. The character, based on the Nut of Egyptian mythology, was created by Bill Mantlo and John Buscema, and first appeared in Thor #241 (November 1975). Within the context of the stories, the character is the wife of Geb, and mother of Isis, Osiris, and Seth. Nut is the Egyptian goddess of the sky.


Nuwa was a member of the Chinese super-powered team 3 Peace which had allied with the MLF under Reignfire's leadership. Nuwa was portrayed as a more reasonable member of 3 Peace and questioned their alliance with the MLF. Ultimately, Reignfire betrayed Nuwa to the Chinese government.[24] When the events of M-Day occurred, where the Scarlet Witch removed the mutant gene from over 90% of the world's mutant population, Nuwa was one of the few to retain her powers. Nuwa can cause biomolecular feedbacks within human anatomy, releasing a tranquilizing wave that sedates her victims. More a state of drowsiness than a real sedation, the effects of her powers can actually be warded off by consuming sufficient quantities of stimulants, such as caffeine.


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