Alien Worlds1December1982Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds2May1983Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds3July 1983Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds4September 1983Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds5December 1983Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds6February 1984Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds7April 1984Pacific Comics(moved to Eclipse)
Alien Worlds 3-D1July1984Pacific Comics
Art of Al Williamson1April 1983Pacific Comics
Berni Wrightson1June1983Pacific Comics
Berni Wrightson2August1983Pacific Comics
Berni Wrightson3September1983Pacific Comics
Berni Wrightson4August1984Pacific Comics(moved to Eclipse)
Bold Adventure11983Pacific Comics
Bold Adventure21984Pacific Comics
Bold Adventure3June1984Pacific Comics
Captain Victory1November1981Pacific Comics
Captain Victory2January1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory3March1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory4May1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory5July1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory6September1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory7October1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory8December1982Pacific Comics
Captain Victory9February1983Pacific Comics
Captain Victory10April1983Pacific Comics
Captain Victory11June1983Pacific Comics
Captain Victory121983Pacific Comics
Captain Victory131984Pacific Comics (later appeared at Topps Comics)
Captain Victory Special1October1983Pacific Comics
Corben Special1May1984Pacific Comics
Darklon the Mystic 1November1983Pacific Comics
Demon Dreams1February1984Pacific ComicsArthur Suydam's
Demon Dreams2May1984Pacific Comics
Edge of Chaos1September1983Pacific Comics
Edge of Chaos2November1983Pacific Comics
Edge of Chaos3January1984Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone 1 April 1983 Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone2August1983Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone3October1983Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone 4December1983Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone 5February1984Pacific Comics
Elric of Melnibone6April1984Pacific Comics (further series at First)
Famous Movie Stars of the 1930's1July1984Pacific Comics
First Folio1March1984Pacific Comics
Ghita of Alizarr1September1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer1December1982Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer2February1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer3April1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer4September1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer5October1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer6December1983Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer7February1984Pacific Comics
Groo the Wanderer8April1984Pacific Comics (moved to Eclipse)
Heroes of Sports1July1984Pacific Comics
Jerry Iger's Famous Features1July1984Pacific Comics
Ms Mystic1October1982Pacific Comics
Ms Mystic2February1984Pacific Comics
One1July1977Pacific Comics
Pacific Presents1October1982Pacific Comics
Pacific Presents2April1983Pacific Comics
Pacific Presents3March1984Pacific Comics
Pacific Presents41984Pacific Comics
Pathways to Fantasy 1 July1984 Pacific Comics
Planet Comics1July1984Pacific Comics
Ravens & Rainbows 1December1983Pacific Comics
Rog 20001July1982Pacific Comics
Rog 20001July1982Pacific ComicsCorrected Version
Silver Star1February1983Pacific Comics
Silver Star2April1983Pacific Comics
Silver Star3June1983Pacific Comics
Silver Star4August1983Pacific Comics
Silver Star5November1983Pacific Comics
Silver Star6January1984Pacific Comics(later appeared at Topps Comics)
Silverheels1February1983Pacific Comics
Silverheels2March1984Pacific Comics
Silverheels3May1984Pacific Comics(moved to Eclipse)
Skateman1November1983Pacific Comics
Somerset Holmes1September1983Pacific Comics
Somerset Holmes2September1983Pacific Comics
Somerset Holmes3February1984Pacific Comics
Somerset Holmes41984Pacific Comics(moved to Eclipse)
Starslayer1February1982Pacific Comics
Starslayer2April1982Pacific Comics
Starslayer3June1982Pacific Comics
Starslayer4August1982Pacific Comics
Starslayer5November1982Pacific Comics
Starslayer6April1983Pacific Comics (moved to First)
Sun Runners1February1984Pacific Comics
Sun Runners2March1984Pacific Comics
Sun Runners3May1984Pacific Comics (moved to Eclipse)
Thrillogy1January1984Pacific ComicsConrad Thrillogy A
Twisted Tales1November1982Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales2April1983Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales3June1983Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales4August1983Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales5October1983Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales6June1984Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales7March1984Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales8May1984Pacific Comics(moved to Eclipse)
Vanguard Illustrated 1November1983Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 2January1984Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 3April1984Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 4April1984Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 5May1984Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 6June1984Pacific Comics
Vanguard Illustrated 7July1984Pacific Comics
Vanity1June1984Pacific Comics
Vanity2August1984Pacific Comics
Wild Animals1December1983Pacific Comics

Pacific Comics


In addition, Pacific Comics published some titles under the name of their parent company, Blue Dolphin Enterprises. These included:

  • Ghita of Alizarr (1983) (by Red Sonja artist Frank Thorne)
  • Famous Movie Stars of the '30s (1984) and Heroes of Sports (1984)

Schanes & Schanes was the name used for their printing of art portfolios and autographed prints, all designed and distributed from the Pacific Comics warehouse.

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