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This is a list of Wonder Woman supporting characters.

File:Wonder Woman Phil Jimenez PinUp Issue600.jpg

Pin Up by artist Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #600, showing many of the character's allies and enemies.

Major characters

In alphabetical order (with issue and date of first appearance).

Character First appearance Description
Amazons All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) A nation of eternally youthful and super-powerful women. Notable Amazons include military leader Philippus, demon-fighter Nu'Bia, oracle Menalippe, would-be Wonder Woman Orana, and sorceress Magala.
Artemis of Bana-Mighdall Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #90 (September 1994) Brash champion of a lost tribe of Amazons, who successfully challenged Diana for the title of Wonder Woman and now is a major leader among the Amazons.
Etta Candy Sensation Comics #2 (February 1942) Rotund, chocolate-loving, plucky, and fearless leader of the Beeta Lambda Sorority at Holiday College, Etta was Wonder Woman’s close friend and sidekick.
Wonder Woman #229 (March 1977) Secretary for General Blankenship of the War Department, during the period that the comics series shifted to World War II stories to reflect the first season of the Wonder Woman TV series.
Wonder Woman #272 (October 1980) Pleasantly plump Air Force Lt. Etta Candy is secretary for Gen. Darnell and Diana Prince’s roommate.
Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #2 (March 1987) Air Force officer and later agent in the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Etta is Wonder Woman’s best friend and Steve Trevor’s wife.
Gods of Olympus All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) The gods of Classical Greek mythology, worshiped by the Amazons.
Queen Hippolyta All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) The queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s mother, who fashioned Diana from clay which was given life by the gods.
Mala All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) Wonder Woman’s closest friend among the Amazons, Mala was the first runner-up in the contest to determine who would enter Man’s World as Wonder Woman and later became the head of the Amazons’ therapeutic center Reformation Island.
Paula Sensation Comics #4 (April 1942) Wonder Woman's first recurring nemesis, the Baroness Paula Von Gunther was a ruthless Nazi spymaster, evil scientist, and femme fatale who later became Wonder Woman’s close friend and chief Amazon scientist.
General Phil Darnell Sensation Comics #3 (March 1942) Col. (later Gen.) Darnell supervised Steve Trevor’s work at Military Intelligence and hired Diana Prince as his secretary. This character was renamed General Blankenship in the first season of the Wonder Woman TV series.
Wonder Woman #272 (October 1980) Head of the Air Force’s Special Assignments Branch, tasked with intervening in crises before they develop.
Steve Trevor All Star Comics #8 (December 1941) An intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed in the isolated homeland of the Amazons, Capt. (later Major) Trevor became the paramour of Wonder Woman while, unbeknownst to him, working at U.S. Military Intelligence alongside Wonder Woman in her secret identity, Diana Prince.
Wonder Woman #223 (April–May 1976) After Steve was killed by one of Dr. Cyber’s henchmen,[1] he was brought back to life by the goddess Aphrodite and used in a test of Wonder Woman’s readiness to return to active superheroics following her months without superpowers and bout with amnesia. He was allowed to remain alive and assumed a new identity, spy Steve Howard. It was later revealed that Trevor had been reanimated by being fused with the life force of the god Eros.[2]
Wonder Woman #270 (August 1980) An Air Force colonel piloting an experimental aircraft that penetrated the multiversal barriers to crashland outside of Paradise Island, Steve was integrated into life on Earth-One when Aphrodite unleashed the Mists of Nepenthe to alter the world’s memories so that he would be accepted as the Steve Trevor of that universe. He served as an intelligence agent within the Air Force’s Special Assignments Branch under the direction of Gen. Darnell, unknowingly working alongside Wonder Woman in her secret identity of Capt. (later Maj.) Diana Prince.
Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #2 (March 1987) An Air Force officer and war veteran, Steve Trevor was also the son of Diana Trevor, aviatrix who crashed onto the Amazons’ island home and died in a battle to save the Amazons. Later designated Deputy Secretary of Defense and then leader of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Trevor married Etta Candy and is Diana’s close friend.
Wonder Girl Wonder Woman #105 (1958) Wonder Woman as a teen.
The Brave and the Bold #60 (July 1965) Wonder Woman’s younger sister, who lives in Man’s World as Donna Troy.
Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #105 (January 1996) Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark is the teenage daughter of museum director Helena Sandsmark and who became Wonder Girl to be Wonder Woman’s sidekick.

Other supporting characters

Separated in chronological clusters, by major periods in the publication history of the Wonder Woman comic book.


Characters who appeared before the continuity-altering series Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Golden Age

  • Queen Desira - Venusian queen.
  • Lila Brown - Steve Trevor's secretary, who instantly disliked Diana Prince, she was killed by Doctor Psycho.
  • Eve Brown - Lila Brown's sister.
  • Holiday Girls - Etta Candy's Beeta Lambda sorority sisters at Holiday College.
  • Oscar Sweetgulper - Etta Candy's spindly, nerdy boyfriend, from Starvard College.
  • Dean Sourpuss - the grim, heavy-handed dean of Holiday College.
  • Professor Zool - brilliant, though absentminded, eminent scientist at Holiday College.
  • Hard Candy - Etta Candy's father, who owns a ranch.
  • Sugar Candy - Etta Candy's mother.
  • Mint Candy - Etta Candy's brother.
  • Draska Nishki - Government spy and blackmailer.

Impossible Tales

  • Bird-Boy - (real name: Wingo - AKA Birdman) A suitor of Wonder Girl, and a member of a race of bird people.
  • Mer-Boy - (real name: Ronno; alias: Manno) An Atlantean suitor of Wonder Girl.
  • Mr. Genie - (real name: Genro) Wonder Tot's magical friend, from the 5th Dimension of Zrfff, the home dimension of Mister Mxyzptlk.

Powerless Era

  • Cathy Perkins - teen runaway who worked in Diana Prince's boutique
  • I Ching - blind Chinese mystic who became Diana Prince's mentor
  • Jonny Double - down-on-his luck private investigator
  • Tim Trench - shady private detective
  • Tony Petrucci - neighborhood supporter

Modern Era

UN/New York
  • Justice League of America - Group of super-heroes formed to face new threats against mankind with Wonder Woman as a founding member
  • The Kravitzes - Abner and his mother owned the apartment building Diana and Steve Trevor lived in
  • Morgan Tracy - head of the UN Crisis Bureau, later revealed to be the Prime Planner of the Cartel, which was hired by Kobra to kill Wonder Woman
  • Tod - neighbor in Diana's apartment building
  • Nubia - Wonder Woman's sister stolen by Mars as an infant
  • Mike Bailey - fellow astronaut trainee who dated Diana and was secretly Ten of the Royal Flush Gang
  • Stacy Macklin - fellow astronaut trainee, who later became Lady Lunar
  • Conrad Starfield
  • General Novak
Washington, DC
  • Atalanta - leader of a lost tribe of Amazons who live in the Amazon River jungle
  • Glitch - alien "gremlin" only Steve and some children could see
  • Keith Griggs - hotshot Air Force major who joined the Special Assignments Bureau and was romantically interested in Diana Prince
  • Lauren Haley - beautiful and highly competent Air Force lieutenant hired by Special Assignments
  • Howard Huckaby - hopelessly clumsy, wonky aide to Sen. Covington, and Etta's boyfriend
  • Lisa Abernathy - daughter of Sen. Abernathy, and network news reporter covering Washington while conducting secret affair with frequent source, Sen. Covington
  • Mother Juju - old mystic
  • Sen. Russell Abernathy - disgraced former senator who was landlord for Diana and Etta
  • Sen. Brad Covington - powerful, media-savvy senator, chair of subcommittee on Central American affairs, with an agenda to aggressively investigate Special Assignments at the urging of a mysterious campaign donor with a grudge against Gen. Darnell; secretly, lover of TV news reporter Lisa Abernathy, unknown to his wife, Mona
  • Sofia Constantinas - former terrorist who was invited to live among the Amazons



  • Brian Elliott - Computer genius who attempted to become a supervillain but was slowly persuaded to become a friend and ally
  • Camille Sly - long-lived but still spry former actress who was known in her day as the "Female Fairbanks" for her roles in swashbuckling movies, who rented rooms in her boarding-house to both Diana and Donna Milton
  • Donna Milton - believed herself to be a devious lawyer, always looking out for her own selfish interests and greed, who was the lover of Ares Buchanan and a spy in Wonder Woman's life but gradually became Diana's friend, until Diana deduced that she was Circe, so submerged into the Donna Milton persona that she had forgotten her real identity
  • Ed Indelicato - inspector on the Boston police force
  • Isabelle Modini - Boston police officer who initially held a grudge against Diana for leaving her hanging above a street while Diana attempted to talk down a heavily armed villain, but who became Diana's friend after that villain later gave up his own life to save hers.
  • Julia Kapatelis - professor and archaeologist who became Diana's mentor in Man's World
  • Micah Rains - slacker detective whose "office" was merely a barstool until Diana became his partner
  • Myndi Mayer - public relations executive who was Diana's representative
  • Vanessa Kapatelis - daughter of Julia Kapatelis

Gateway City

  • Helena Sandsmark - Gateway City museum chief and mother of Cassie Sandsmark, the new Wonder Girl.
  • Jason Blood - mortal host of The Demon and paramour of Helena Sandsmark.
  • Mike Schorr - police officer and one time love interest.
  • Wonder Dome - semi-sentient polymorphic entity.
  • Harold Champion - Heracles, in a new identity, seeking redemption.
  • Justice Society of America - Hippolyta, displaced in time, would join the JSA and carry on a relationship with Ted Grant.
  • Sphinx - A mythical creature living on Paradise Island that offered counsel to Wonder Woman.
  • Chiron - Legendary Centaur living on Paradise Island that was a trainer of heroes in ancient times.
  • Pegasus - Legendary winged horse that makes his home on Paradise Island and progenitor of the Amazons' winged steeds.
  • Nu'Bia - First champion of the Amazons and guardian of Doom's Doorway.

New York

  • Alana Dominguez - secretary for Themysciran embassy staff
  • Ferdinand the Minotaur - head chef of Themysciran embassy
  • Io - Amazons chief weapons-mistress
  • Jonah McCarthy - young attorney hired to join staff of Themysciran embassy, but secretly spying for the shadowy Checkmate organization
  • Leslie Anderson - co-founder of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals, and doctor who healed Vanessa Kapitelis of the cybernetic implants that had transformed her into the Silver Swan
  • Peter Garibaldi - press secretary for Themysciran embassy and father of Martin and Bobby Garibaldi
  • Rachel Keast - legal staff of Themiscyran embassy
  • Trevor Barnes - Diana's boyfriend, and UN staffer
  • Harbinger - Formerly an agent of the Monitor and member of the New Guardians, Harbinger would join the Amazons at some point and befriend Supergirl

Department of Metahuman Affairs

  • Agents of the D.M.A.
  • Gorilla Warriors - albino gorillas from Gorilla City with superpowers
  • Nemesis - agent with talent for impersonation
  • Sarge Steel - head of DMA
  • Kāne Milohai - The deity Wonder Woman took as her patron saint to infiltrate Paradise Island, her presence banned by divinity. Zeus would slay him and use his heart to give form to Achilles
  • Warkiller - Achilles, resurrected with the heart of a slain god, tasked by Zeus to lead the Thalarions
  • Pele - Milohai's daughter that became Wonder Woman's patron after the demise of her father at Zeus' hands


Characters who appeared after the continuity-altering series Flashpoint.

  • Lennox - a British super-soldier, who was Wonder Woman's older half-brother. Lennox, who can transform himself into living, marble-like stone, is the father of Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl).[3] The first of the half-mortal siblings to reveal himself to Wonder Woman, Lennox was Diana's most trusted ally, before his apparent death at the hands of another half-brother, the evil First Born.
  • Zola - young woman from Virginia told by Hermes she is carrying Zeus' child.

Related characters

Characters related to Wonder Woman but were not supporting characters in the Wonder Woman comic book.

  • Fury (Helena Kosmatos) - Member of the Young All-Stars during WWII, Fury would join the Amazons after meeting a time-displaced Hippolyta.
  • Fury (Lyta Trevor Hall) - Pre-Crisis: the daughter of Earth-Two's Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Post-Crisis: daughter of Fury and goddaughter of Hippolyta visited annually via time travel by her godmother.
  • Justice Society of America - Group of masked heroes Wonder Woman joined as their secretary.
  • Marvin White - The son of Diana Prince, a nurse who lent her identity to Wonder Woman. Marvin would later join the Junior JLA.
  • Supergirl - Pre-Crisis, Supergirl was embraced as an honorary Amazon. Post-Crisis: Inexperienced at wielding her awesome powers, Supergirl underwent training on Themiscyra to develop her abilities and learn about combat by the Amazons (adopted as their sister).

Characters created for other media

Wonder Woman supporting characters created in other media, with no appearances in previous comics.

Character Media Actor/Actress Description
Bryce Candall Wonder Woman (TV series) A genetically enhanced man who was indestructible and became information technology officer for IADC’s Los Angeles field office
Dale Hawthorn Wonder Woman (TV series) Head of IADC Los Angeles field office
Eve Wonder Woman (TV series) Saundra Sharp Steve’s assistant at the IADC
General Phil Blankenship Wonder Woman (TV series) John Randolph, Richard Eastham Head of the War Department office at which Steve, Etta, and Diana worked. He is essentially the comic book character, General Phil Darnell, with a new surname.
IRAC Wonder Woman (TV series) Norman Burton, Tom Kratochvil Information Retrieval Associative Computer, super-intelligent computer for IADC. IRAC deduces that Diana is Wonder Woman, but does not divulge her secret.
Joe Atkinson Wonder Woman (TV series) Norman Burton A weathered IADC agent who supervised Steve and Diana. Like Wonder Woman, he conducted special operations in the European Theater in World War II, but the two are not known to have met.
Rover Wonder Woman (TV series) A small mobile robot that is an offshoot of IRAC and performs duties such as delivering coffee and sorting mail

Characters from comics in other media

Some supporting characters from the comic books have made an appearance, or appearances, in other media featuring Wonder Woman.

Character Live-Action/Animated Media Actor/Actress
Artemis Wonder Woman (film) Rosario Dawson
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Rachel Quaintance
Etta Candy Wonder Woman (TV series) Beatrice Colen
Wonder Woman (film) Julianne Grossman
Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot) Tracie Thoms
Hippolyta Wonder Woman TV movie Charlene Holt
Wonder Woman (TV series) Cloris Leachman, Carolyn Jones, Beatrice Straight
Super Friends ?
Superman (1988 TV series) Pat Carroll
Justice League Susan Sullivan
Wonder Woman (film) Virginia Madsen
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Tippi Hedren
Steve Trevor Wonder Woman TV movie Kaz Garas
Wonder Woman (TV series) Lyle Waggoner
Super Friends ?
Justice League Patrick Duffy
Wonder Woman (film) Nathan Fillion
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Sean Donnellan
Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot) Justin Bruening
wikipedia:Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) Young Justice: Invasion Mae Whitman
Wonder Girl (Donna Troy/Drusilla) Wonder Woman (TV series) Debra Winger
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Julie Bennett
Super Best Friends Forever Grey DeLisle

See also


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