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Locations in the DC Universe, the shared universe setting of DC Comics.


Oblivion Bar

  • Oblivion Bar, an extradimensional bar used as a gathering place/hangout for magic users, as well as the headquarters for the Shadowpact

  • Peña Duro, also called Hard Rock in English is once prison of the villain Bane, located in Santa Prisca.
  • Project Cadmus, an experimental genetics lab. Located in Metropolis. The Young Justice animated series has it located in Washington D.C.
  • Sanctum of Doctor Fate, located in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Secret Sanctuary, original headquarters of the Justice League of America and briefly headquarters of the Doom Patrol. Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
  • Sherwood Florist, originally in Seattle and now in Star City, the business operated by Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary.
  • Slabside Island, a.k.a. The Slab, a high security metahuman prison. Originally located in New Jersey, later transported to Antarctica.
  • Stryker's Island, a penitentiary located in Metropolis.
  • Suicide Slum, a dangerous part of Metropolis.
  • Titans Tower, headquarters of the Teen Titans, originally located in New York City. Currently located in San Francisco.
  • Underworld, a place in Metropolis's sewers which is rejected by society where the Warworlders took control.
  • Valhalla Cemetery, a burial ground located in Metropolis for superheroes who have died in the line of duty, it is meant to be a sacred resting place for heroes.
  • Wayne Manor, ancestral home of Bruce Wayne. Located outside Gotham City.

Wayne Tower

  • Wayne Tower, is the location of the main offices of Wayne Enterprises. It is located in downtown Gotham City.

Industrial sites

Extraterrestrial sites


Sites that exist exclusively in other DC media

Cities of the DCU Earth

Fictional cities

Dakota City‏‎

Actual cities that also exist on the DCU Earth

Cities that exist exclusively in other DC media

  • Londinium, a fictionalized version of London, England. (Batman - Season 3, Episodes 105-107).
  • Dairyland, the lushest, greenest farmland in America. Located in the Heartland. (Super Friends - Season 1, Episode 7)
  • Siegelville, a small college town where Clark Kent and T.J. White attend the Siegel School of Journalism at Shuster University. Located in Florida. (Superboy)
  • Capitol City, a major city near Shusterville, and the location of the office of The Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters where Clark Kent and Lana Lang are interns. Located in Florida. (Superboy)
  • Edge City, metropolitan area mentioned in various episodes of Smallville, including "Stray", "Ryan", "Power","Doomsday", "Escape", "Prodigal", and "Sneeze".
  • Granville, a small Kansas town mentioned and seen in various episodes of Smallville, including "Skinwalker and "Lexmas".
  • Jump City, home to the Teen Titans in the series of the same name. Located on the West Coast.
  • Steel City, home to the Titans East in the Teen Titans series. Located on the East Coast.
  • Seaboard City, an illusory metropolis on the American East-coast in an alternate Earth in an alternate dimension. Everyday life resembled a late golden-age to early silver-age "four-color" superhero comic in which the heroes (The Justice Guild of America) constantly fight the villains (the Injustice Guild of America). Green Lantern remembers reading the old comics it was based on as a child. The events on the alternate Earth (similar to DC's Earth-2) apparently sent out inter-dimensional psychic vibrations. The vibrations then "inspired" the psychically-sensitive artists and writers to create the JGA comic in the Justice League's own dimension (presumed to be DC's Earth-1). (Justice League - Season 1, Episodes 16-17)
  • Tempest Key, home of Arthur "AC" Curry in the unaired CW pilot Aquaman. Located near the Bermuda Triangle, presumably in Florida.
  • National City, home of Supergirl in her TV series of the same name.

Fictional geographic locations and countries of the DCU

Planetary systems

  • -7Pi, homeworld in Green Lantern Sector.
  • 1417.196.E, planet destroyed by Star 196.
  • Almerac, former homeworld of Maxima, Ultraa, and Mongal; speculated to be near the Pisces constellation and Andromeda.
  • Angor, homeworld of the Champions of Angor or Justifiers (destroyed).
  • Apiaton, Insect homeworld. Insectoids usually imply near Scorpius.
  • Apokolips, home of Darkseid.
  • Appelax, homeworld of the Appelaxians, the original foes of the Justice League.
  • Aoran, homeworld of Evil Star with the entire population killed.
  • Archos, primitive planet.
  • Arden, an agricultural community of Green Lantern Monak.
  • Astonia, dying homeworld of Blue Lantern Saint Walker.
  • Avalon, a planetary homeworld of DC Comics' King Arthur.
  • Bellatrix, homeworld of Green Lantern Boodikka.
  • Beltair IV, home of the Aquoids.
  • Bizarro World, homeworld of Bizarro, also called Htrae (Pre-Crisis only).
  • Biot, a Manhunter manufacturing facility and planet.
  • Bolovax Vik, former homeworld of Kilowog now called Bolovax Vik II; near Great Bear constellation.
  • Bryak, planet ruled by the original Brainiac.
  • Calaton, a homeworld monarchy ravaged 250,000 years ago by Doomsday.
  • Cairn, a planet formerly controlled by a family of intergalactic drug dealers. Later freed by and made the headquarters of L.E.G.I.O.N..
  • Chthalonia System
  • Colu, planet of sentient computers. Home of Brainiac, Vril Dox and Licensed Extra Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network and Brainiac 5
  • Criq, homeworld of Green Lantern Driq.
  • Czarnia, homeworld of Lobo (destroyed). Possibly located near the Great Bear constellation.
  • Daffath system, homeworld of Sinestro Corps member Bedovian.
  • Daxam, world of Daxamites; hypothetically located in Sagittarius. Homeworld of Mon-El.
  • Debstam IV, planet conquered by Mongul.
  • Dhor, homeworld of Kanjar Ro.
  • Exxor, homeworld of the Wonder Twins.
  • F'py, homeworld of Green Lantern Gk'd, of Sector 1337.
  • G'newt, homeworld of humanoid dogs.
  • Gallo, a tiny satellite at the edge of the galaxy near Oa, homeworld of the mysterious Tribune.
  • Gaolus, maximum security prison planet.
  • Galtea, homeworld of Sarkus the Infinite.
  • Garon, homeworld of the Headmen.
  • Glazzon, Green Lantern Ahtier's planet.
  • Graxos IV, homeworld of Green Lantern Arisia in the Constellation Gemini.
  • Graxos V, world with a harsh judicial system. Homeworld of Green Lantern Blish Rrab.[41]
  • Grenda, a planet of sentient robots. Homeworld of Green Lanterns Stel and Yron.[42]
  • H'lven, homeworld of Ch'p and B'dg of the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Harmony, homeworld of the now deceased Gold Star.
  • Hwagaagaa, seized by Tebans.
  • Ith'kaa, base of operations for Captain Comet, and location of Comet City.
  • Inner Tasnia - Green Lantern Flodo Span's planet.
  • planet J586, Green Lantern Medphyll's homeworld. Inhabited by intelligent plants.
  • Karna, Gordanian homeworld.
  • Kalanor, homeworld of Despero. Fictional world possibly related to the Taurus Constellation.
  • Korugar, homeworld of Sinestro, Katma Tui, and Soranik Natu of the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Khondra, location of the secret military lab that created sencient virus and Sinestro Corp member Despotellis.
  • Khundia - the Khund homeworld; speculated to be near the Great Bear constellation.
  • Kreno, a planet where cyborgs are engineered. Homeworld of cyborg mercenary B'aad.[43]
  • Krolotea, Homeworld of the Krolotean gremlins.[44]
  • Krypton, homeworld of Superman and Supergirl (destroyed). Formerly located near Pisces in the Andromeda Galaxy, speculated to be pointed north towards Libra in some modern versions. Krypton orbited the red giant Rao within the Pleiades in post modern comics. Locations on Krypton include:
    • Argo City, home of Supergirl. It was blasted into space when Krypton was destroyed, but managed to survive due to an atmospheric dome installed over the city.
    • Kandor, Kryptonian city shrunk by Brainiac. Now residing inside a bottle in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
    • Kryptonopolis, capital city of the planet Krypton, birthplace of Superman.
    • Vathlo Island, a continent on the planet Krypton. Its inhabitants were primarily black skinned. In the Earth 23 universe, it is the birthplace of Calvin Ellis, aka Superman.
  • M'brai, planet with a unique evolutionary system.[45]
  • Maag: Green Lantern Volk of Maag is from here.
  • Maltus, original homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe, Zamarons and Controllers; hypothetically located near the Pleiades
  • Mogo, a sentient planet who is also a member of the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Muscaria, world of sentient fungus, and home of Green Lantern Amanita.[46]
  • Myrg, ruled by Princess Ramia and her terran consort/husband Doiby Dickles.
  • New Genesis, home of the New Gods; fictionally located within Orion and Andromeda.
  • Oa, homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe, speculated to be near the center of the milky way galaxy.
  • Odym, Paradise-like planet, location of the Blue Lantern Corps Power Battery.
  • The Obsidian Deeps, a Green Lantern Sector in deep space.
  • Orinda, secret base of operations for the Manhunters.
  • Qualar IV - Home of Green Lantern Perdoo. Its inhabitants resemble humanoid chickens.
  • Ovacron Six - homeworld of Green Lantern Hannu. Its inhabitants disdain the use of any weapons, and rely on their own brute strength.[47]
  • Pandina - homeworld of Star Sapphire, Remoni-Notra.
  • Puppet Planetoid – a fictional planet in the 30th century DC Universe. According to legend, a race of giants created playthings on this world long ago. It is now mostly uninhabited. A number of notable events took place here for the Legion of Super-Heroes. When under attack from Satan Girl, Supergirl hid the legion here. Ultra Boy once saved Sun Boy's life here, though this occurred in a backstory. Former Legionnaire, Blok eventually found his to this world and lived in seclusion for many years, until tracked down by the space pirate Roxxas, who used advanced Dominator weapons to kill him as a kind of "demonstration" for the Dominators of his abilities.
  • Rann, adopted homeworld of Adam Strange located in the Polara star system.
  • Ramnos, homeworld devastated by Traitor.
  • Rexulus system - star system of Setag Retss.
  • Rimbor, home planet of Ultra Boy and Timberwolf.
  • Rojira, home of Ruulan Green Lanterns.
  • Ryut- Dead world and location of the Black Lantern Corps Power Battery.
  • Scylla, space of the Triarch.
  • Slyggia, home of Green Lantern Salaak.
  • The Solar System
  • Southern Goldstar, Green Lantern Olapet's homeworld.
  • Sputa, bacterial world of the Green Lantern Larvox.
  • Takron-Galtos, a prison planet seen in Justice League of America and Legion of Super-Heroes comics.
  • Talok III, home of former Starman Mikaal Tomas.
  • Talok IV, home of Sinestro Corps member Lyssa Drak
  • Talok VIII, home of Legion of Super-Heroes member Shadow Lass.
  • Tanjent, homeworld to psionic children.
  • Tchk-Tchk, the Tchkii Legion's homeworld.
  • Thanotopsia, homeworld destroyed by Lobo using nuclear weapons
  • Thanagar, former homeworld of the Thanagarian race, Hawkman and Hawkwoman located in the Polara star system; destroyed during the Infinite Crisis.
  • Thar: a living star once worshipped by aliens
    • Zintha, an icy planet that orbits Thar.
  • Thordia, homeworld planet to Darkstar's villain Pay-Back. Located near Cetus.
  • Thoron, a planet in the same solar system as Krypton. Its inhabitants gain superpowers under a yellow sun, but are not as strong as Kryptonians. Home of Halk Kar.[48]
  • Throneworld, capital of a galactic empire. Ruled by former Starman, Prince Gavyn.
  • Thronn, homeworld to the Honor Team.
  • Transilvane, artificial planet created by NASA to simulate extraterrestrial environments. Notable for having two large horn like protuberances.[49]
  • Trigus VIII, homeworld of the Femazons.
  • Tristram, home of Green Lantern M'Dahna, of Sector 2751.
  • Trogk, Sinestro Corps member Moose of Trogk is from here.
  • Tront, the Green Lantern Eddore was from there.
  • The Vegan star system, a neighboring Star system of twenty-five planets which are home to many races including the Omega Men.
    • Citadel homeworld
    • Karna, homeworld of the Gordanians.
    • Hnyxx
    • Okaara, homeworld of the Warlords of Okaara. Location of the Orange Light, where Larfleeze held the power of Avarice.
    • Ogyptu, homeworld of an interplanetary giant race
    • Tamaran, homeworld of Starfire
    • Prison Planet
    • Slagg
    • Uxor
    • Wombworld
  • Ungara, Abin Sur's home planet.
  • Vega system,
  • Ventura, the "gamblers' planet." Home of the villainous Rokk and Sorban.[50]
  • Vivarium, artificial planet inhabited by the Ayries.
  • Vulcan, home of Green Lantern Saarek.
  • Warworld, artificial planet of the Warzoons.
  • Xanshi, home of bird-like beings. Green Lantern John Stewart was blamed for its destruction. Where the villain Fatality is from.
  • Xarda
  • Xudar, homeworld of Green Lantern Tomar Re.
  • Ydoc, gladiatorial planet. Home of Green Lantern Vandor.
  • Ysmault, Guardian sealed home for the Empire of Tears and the location of the Red Lantern Corps Power Battery
  • Zakkaria, Home of the Crimson Star Mob.
  • Zamaron homeworld of the Zamarons and the Violet Lantern Corps; speculated to be near Sirius. Feminine intelligent Nordic or reptilian species can range anywhere to Virgo-Libra North and from Cetus, in the vicinity of Aquarius.
  • Zebron, planet of plant-like people threatened by the Ravagers from Olys.

Planets and moons which exist during the era of the LSH

  • Aarok, colonized by Earth natives in the future and homeworld of XS.
  • Aleph, homeworld of Kinetix; formerly populated by a magical civilization.
  • Angtu, the poisonous homeworld of the villainous Mano, who "single-handedly" destroyed his own planet.
  • Baaldur, homeworld of Glorith.
  • Bgztl, homeworld of Phantom Girl, where the natives have the power of intangibility.
  • Bismoll, homeworld of Tenzil Kem (also known as Matter-Eater Lad). The people of Bismoll have the ability to eat and digest all forms of matter.
  • Braal, homeworld of Cosmic Boy and his younger brother, Magnetic Kid. Braalians possess the power of magnetism.
  • Cargg, homeworld of Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel, where the natives have the ability to split into three individuals.
  • Colu, homeworld of Brainiac and Brainiac 5.
  • Daxam, sister planet of Krypton, and homeworld of Lar Gand (also known as Mon-El or Valor).
  • Dryad, homeworld of Blok.
  • Durla, homeworld of Chameleon Boy and his race of shapeshifters.
  • Hajor, homeworld of the telekinetic mutant Kid Psycho.
  • Hykraius, homeworld of Tellus.
  • Imsk, homeworld of Shrinking Violet. Imskians are able to shrink to tiny, even microscopic, size at will.
  • Karna, homeworld of the Gordanians
  • Kathoon, the perpetually dark homeworld of Night Girl.
  • Khundia, homeworld of the aggrtessive, warlike Khunds.
  • Labyrinth, a prison planet that served as a successor to Takron-Galtos.
  • Lallor, home of Duplicate Boy, Evolvo Lad, Gas Girl, Life Lass, and Beast Boy.
  • Lupra, homeworld of Color Kid.
  • Lythyl, a harsh and cruel planet of warriors. Home of the second Karate Kid.
  • Mardru, the homeworld of Chlorophyll Kid.
  • Myar, the "alchemists' planet," and homeworld of Nemesis Kid.
  • Naltor, homeworld of Dream Girl. The inhabitants of Naltor possess the power of precognition.
  • Nullport, a planetoid famed for the construction of spacecraft.
  • Orando, medieval homeworld of Princess Projectra (also known as Sensor Girl).
  • Phlon, the homeworld of Chemical King.
  • Rigel 9, a very populous planet, inhabited by one-eyed aliens. A possible simpsons reference, It was mentioned in the second episode of the justice league by Green Lantern John Stewart. It is said to lay in sector 2814.
  • Rimbor, homeworld of Ultra Boy.
  • Shanghalla, a planetoid that serves as a burial place for the galaxy's greatest heroes.
  • Shwar, the homeworld of Fire Lad.
  • Somahtur, the homeworld of Infectious Lass.
  • Starhaven, a world colonized by American Indians, and homeworld of Dawnstar.
  • Takron-Galtos, an artificial prison world built to contain the worst super-criminals.
  • Talok VIII, the homeworld of Shadow Lass/Umbra.
  • Titan, a moon of Saturn and homeworld of Imra Ardeen (also known as Saturn Girl), and Saturn Queen. All Titanians possess telepathy.
  • Tharr, homeworld of Polar Boy, a member of a race of humanoids who can generate intense cold at will.
  • Toomey VI, home to Barreer Wot of the Green Lantern Corps
  • Trom, the homeworld of Element Lad, the last survivor of his world's element-transmuting race.
  • Vonn, homeworld invaded by the Tython.
  • Vengar, homeworld of the evil Emerald Empress.
  • Weber's World - an artificial planet that serves as the home of the United Planets.
  • Winath, a world where twin births are the norm, home of the twins, Garth Ranzz (also known as Lightning Lad, or Live Wire) and Ayla Ranzz (also known as Lightning Lass or Spark) and their brother Mekt Ranzz (also known as Lightning Lord).
  • Xanthu, homeworld of Star Boy and Atmos.
  • Zerox, the "Sorcerer's World." Home of Mordru the Merciless, and the world where the White Witch learned the practice of magic.
  • Zoon (or "Zuun"), homeworld of Timberwolf.
  • Zwen, homeworld of Stone Boy. The inhabitants of Zwen developed the ability to transform themselves into stone.

Extradimensional realms

  • The Antimatter Universe of Qward
  • Asgard, home of the Norse gods.
  • Azarath, home of Raven.
  • Barter's Shop, mysterious shop owned by Hawk & Dove foe Barter, it is a dimensional nexus.
  • The Bleed, a void between dimensions of the Multiverse.
  • Darkworld, birthplace of the Atlantean gods.
  • The Deadlands, home of demons fought by Fate
  • Destiny's Garden of Forking Ways, an endless labyrinth of possible histories.
  • The Dreaming, realm of the sleeping mind. Ruled by Dream of the Endless a.k.a. The Sandman.
  • The Dream Realm, a realm where telepaths such as The Key reside.
  • Earth D, home of the Justice Alliance of America, as seen in Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths (February 1999)
  • Faerie, mystical realm of the legendary Fair Folk. Ruled by Auberon and Titania.
  • The Fourth World
  • Gemworld, a mystical realm ruled by gem-based royal houses.
  • The Ghost Zone, Prometheus uses it to teleport interdimensionally.
  • Hell, afterworld of the damned.
  • Hypertime, the interconnected web of divergent timelines.
  • Ifé, other dimensional homeland of the African gods known as the Orishas. (Named after an ancient Yoruba city).
  • Jejune Realm, a land of comical lesser gods from Vext.
  • The Land of the Nightshades, a realm of shadow-manipulators. Birthworld of Nightshade.
  • The Land of the Unliving, home dimension of the cosmic being known as Nekron, Lord of the Unliving.
  • Limbo, the void between realities. Former prison of the Justice Society.
  • The Meta-Zone, homeworld of Shade the Changing Man.
  • Mirror World, the fourth dimension. Home of the Duomalians and the Orinocas. Originally discovered by Zatara, later discovered by Sam Scudder the Mirror Master.[51][52]
  • Mount Olympus, home of the Greco-Roman gods.
  • The Multiverse, formerly infinite, now a series of 52 parallel Earths.
  • Myrra, a realm of sword and sorcery. Former home of Nightmaster.
  • The Oblivion Bar, an extra-dimensional bar that only magically-talented persons can access. Headquarters of the Shadowpact.
  • Omega Realm, Extra-dimensional realm of where Darkseid can send the victim who is hit by his Omega Effect.
  • Paradise Dimension, a dimension of which Superman-Prime gains his powers.
  • Pax Dimension, dimension of where the Bloodline Parasites come from.
  • The Phantom Zone, prison realm created by the Kryptonians.
  • The pocket universe created by the Time Trapper.
  • Purgatory, an afterworld where souls atone for their crimes.
  • Pytharia, an earth-like realm resembling prehistoric history.
  • The Rock of Eternity, home of the wizard Shazam, located at the center of space and time.
  • The Shadowlands, a place of primordial darkness. It is the power source for Obsidian and The Shade, among others.
  • The Silver City, abode of the angels and afterworld of the blessed.
  • Skartaris, a savage magical dimension "within" the Earth. Current home of Travis Morgan, the Warlord.
  • The Speed Force, which all speedsters tap into.
  • The Tantu Totem worn by Vixen contains the extradimensional home of the African god Anansi.
  • Teall, an alternate dimension home to microscopic energy beings. Quislet of the Legion of Super-Heroes is a Teallian.
  • The Timestream, a dimension where time is expressed spatially. Home of the Timepoint, also called Vanishing Point, headquarters of the Linear Men.
  • Time Point, a prison at the end of time.
  • Wintersgate Manor, home of Baron Winters leader of the Night Force is a dimensional nexus.
  • Xarapion, home of Thar Dan - inventor of the Dimensiometer belt given to Shadow Thief.
  • Zrrrf, fifth dimensional world, home of Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, Qwsp, and The Thunderbolt.

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