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Quote1.png Wrong Fraggin' Answer, Butt-Hole!

"FEETAL'S GIZZ'!" Quote2.png

-- Lobo

Appearing in "Reservoir Mooks"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Big Mig
  • Young Johnny Old
  • Derv
  • Pedro (Lying on the floor dying for the majority of the issue due to being disemboweled by The Main Man Himself)

Other Characters:

  • Al
  • Darlene


  • Czarnia (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • Al's Diner
  • Bunsen's Bounty


  • Plasteek Anti-Tamper Bomb


Synopsis for "Reservoir Mooks"Edit

Several frantic and wounded bandits are on the run from Lobo, seeking refuge in a building and discussing rumors they heard about Lobo while in jail. They contemplate their options in dealing with the Main Man and fully discuss Lobo's origins and countless encounters with other powerful beings and their outcomes. They recall how they got themselves into this situation- Lobo prevented the bandits from robbing Al's Diner and obnoxiously convinced the bandits to rob Bunsen's bounty instead (due to general dislike of Bunsen for stiffing him on his bounties). The bandits foolishly attempted to rob Lobo and he sliced off Derv's arm during the scuffle. The bandits knocked Lobo out and make their getaway with Bunsen's money (and Lobo's bounty reward money). The bandits hear on the radio live coverage of the aftermath of their heist when they realize that they've just tried to rob Lobo (the Main Man himself). Lobo arrives and slaughters them in his own unique stlye and returns to Al's Diner.


  • In October of 1994, all of the existing mainstream DC Comics titles released a special "0" issue to coincide with the Zero Hour crossover event. The purpose of the "0" issue was to reveal a previously unknown aspect of the title character's background. DC Titles under the Vertigo imprint were largely unaffected by Zero Hour and thus, no "0" issue specials were published for them.
  • Lobo appeared last in Lobo (Volume 2) #9. He appears next in Lobo (Volume 2) #10.


Big Mig Uses a stone hammer with the initials "M.C." engraved on it a parody of M.C. Hammer

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