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Many years ago, London was the scene of a fight between Hawkman and the Gentleman Ghost. Hawkman learned that the Ghost had been committing robberies along Trafalgar Square and he engaged the Ghost's henchmen in combat. Their fight spilled over into the Tower of London and climaxed at Big Ben, but the Gentleman Ghost ultimately escaped.[1]

Wildstorm Universe

World's End

After the Armageddon, the Authority's shiftship, the Carrier, crashed into and fused with the city.[2] The Authority and the city's survivors renamed it "UnLondon". The remnants of the Authority use the Carrier's husk as a headquarters, sheltering survivors.

Stormwatch Prime later visit UnLondon and helped the Authority in restoring the Carrier's power by receiving direct solar energies from Skywatch III, turning it into a well livable city. Following after the Carrier's departure from Earth, London became a major war zone between Earth's heroes against the Knights of Khera. The battle was briefly interrupted by a invasion from Sliding Albion before being repelled back by the Knights' flagship the Redblade.

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The following is a list of characters who are known to have operated in the London area at some point in their lives. This does not mean that the individual characters are permanently based out of London.


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  • London is the primary setting of the futuristic non-canon storyline V for Vendetta. Between the years 1997 and 1998 the terrorist known as V destroys several London landmarks including Westminster Palace and the Old Bailey.

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