Appearing in "A Snake Coils..."Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Longshot (Appears in flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:



Synopsis for "A Snake Coils..."Edit

Mojo and Spiral decide to take over Earth, beginning with creating a church meant to raise worship for Mojo. Longshot, Doctor Strange and Quark find the catatonic Ricochet Rita in her home and learn what has happened. Strange promises to try and help Rita but urges Longshot and Quark to stop Mojo, who poses a great danger to the world. They have to destroy Mojo’s tower. The two rebels with their totally opposing outlooks on life have some trouble working together, but finally agree on a plan of attack. Longshot, who finds that he cannot kill Mojo, plans to banish him. They damage the tower and, with the help of a recovered Rita and Doctor Strange, open a portal to send Mojo between dimensions. However, Mojo is joined by Spiral, meaning he has a way to return to his home dimension. Therefore, Longshot and Quark decide to follow, to help their people and let them know that they are meant to be free. Rita decides to join them and Strange hopes that together they will be able to save Longshot’s world.


  • Williams is assistant inker.


  • Originally, the tale of Longshot’s rebellion was meant to be told in a graphic novel or limited series by Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams, but for some reason that story was never printed.

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