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  • Luna Bay
  • Edgar Frog's trailer
  • Santa Carla


  • Vampire hunting weaponry


Synopsis for "Reign of Frogs (Part I)"Edit

A teenage boy comes to the trailer of surfboard shaper Edgar Frog in Luna Bay, California. He wants to learn from the art of hunting vampires. Edgar is incredulous of the boy's identity and puts him through a battery of tests to prove that he is not a vampire himself. As the boy convinces Edgar of his earnestness, Edgar decides to tell him a story.

In Washington, D.C. Edgar Frog and his brother Alan fight a nest of vampire congressmen known as the Arlington Coven. They deftly fight through the vampire ranks, slaughtering the entire horde. Edgar decapitates the coven leader Senator Albert Lucard. He brings his severed head to the White House and presents it to President George Bush as proof of his victory. As reward for their efforts, the Frog Brothers are presented with the Van Helsing Medals of Honor.

As they attempt to leave the nation's capitol, they hail a taxicab only to discover that the cab driver is a surviving member of the Arlington Coven. Alan Frog impales him with a souvenir replica of the Washington Monument.

The boys soon return to their home town of Santa Carla. What they don't realize is that someone else has returned to Santa Carla as well, their vampire nemesis David.


  • Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs is a four-issue limited series published under DC's WildStorm Productions imprint. This series does not take place within mainstream DC Comics continuity, nor mainstream WildStorm continuity. Nor does it share continuity with any other non-associated WildStorm titles.
  • This series is based on the 1987 feature film The Lost Boys and its 2008 sequel The Lost Boys: The Tribe. As per the The Lost Boys: The Tribe official website, the comic book series is considered a canonical addition to the Lost Boys mythos. In the movies, the roles of Alan and Edgar Frog are played by Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman (respectively).
  • David, the vampire seen at the end of this issue, is the same character originally portrayed by Keifer Sutherland in the 1987 The Lost Boys movie. This issue establishes that David did in fact survive his ambiguous death at the conclusion of the film.


  • A comic shop proprietor in this issue makes reference to actor Michael Keaton and his portrayal of Batman in the 1989 Batman movie.
  • A vampire from this issue Albert Lucard, or A. Lucard. Spelled backwards, the name reads "Dracula".

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