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Lou Mougin

Real Name
Lou Mougin

Date of Birth
, 1954

Place of Birth
Iowa, United States of America

First publication

Personal History

Personal History of Lou Mougin is unknown.

Professional History

Encyclopedic chronicler and writer of Marvel Comics. Lou is one of the foremost Marvel historians of the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age. Mougin was an intregal part of the Olshevsky Marvel Index project of the 1970's and later the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe. Lou's particular interest and research of the Swordsman led to him to write the swashbuckler's origin in Avengers Spotlight #22. Lou has published a myriad of articles in several fanzines including articles on Captain America and the Avengers for Fantaco.


  • Lou Mougin presently appears to be residing in Texas.


  • Favorite Marvel Character: Captain America

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