"Love Showdown"
Cover of Love Showdown Collection  (1994), trade paperback collected edition.Art by Dan DeCarlo.
Publisher Archie Comics
Publication date November – December 1994
Genre Humor/comedy

"Love Showdown" was a four-part 1994 comic book story arc featuring the characters from Archie Comics. Publicized as a possible resolution to the decades-long love triangle between Archie Andrews and his longtime sweethearts Betty and Veronica, Love Showdown received more publicity than any other event in Archie history.[1] The story, written by Bill Golliher and Dan Parent, was originally published in Archie #429, Betty #19, Betty and Veronica #82, and Veronica #39. The storyline was also collected in trade paperback form.


Archie receives a mysterious love letter, and when Betty and Veronica find out, both girls think the other sent it, with a little help from Reggie. Spurred into action, the girls compete to make Archie choose between them once and for all including a scene where Betty upstages Veronica at a major dance. However, it's eventually revealed that Cheryl Blossom, a girl from Archie's past, sent the letter, and at the end of the series Archie unexpectedly chooses Cheryl instead.

Although the publicity surrounding Love Showdown implied a resolution to the long-running Betty vs. Veronica dilemma, a 48-page follow-up story (Archie's Love Showdown Special) returned the love triangle to its former status quo.

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