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Luciana Giussani

Real Name
Luciana Giussani

Job Titles


Date of Birth
April 19, 1928

Date of Death
March 31, 2001

Place of Birth
Milan, Province of Milan, Italy

Place of Death
Milan, Province of Milan, Italy


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Personal History

Personal History of Luciana Giussani is unknown.

Professional History

Sisters Angela Giussani (Milan, June 10, 1922 – Milan, February 12, 1987) and Luciana Giussani (Milan, April 19, 1928 – Milan, March 31, 2001) were comic writers and publishers. They wrote for many different characters and series, the most famous being Diabolik.


Angela Giussani and Luciana Giussani came up with the idea for the famous Diabolik character - the first Italian noir comic book in pock-size format (tascabile) - to which they dedicated their entire professional lives.

Angela was born June 22, 1922, in Milan. After working for a while as a model, in 1946 she married publisher Gino Sansoni. She worked in her husband's publishing house, specifically on a series of childrens' books. She then created her own publishing company that she named Astorina. After the first publication (featuring the adventures of boxer Big Ben Bolt) was cancelled after only two years, she tried again with a new character, originated when reading a Fantomas novel, found, by chance, on a train.

On November 1st, 1962 the first issue of Diabolik was published, plotted by Angela herself. It would turn out to be the first in a long line of successes.

Thirteen issues into the publication, Angela called her sister Luciana, who had recently graduated from a German school and had been employed in a vacuum cleaner business. They worked together at Astorina, and started writing, together, the daring adventures of the "King of Terror" ("Re del terrore").

Angela died in 1987, while Luciana continued to manage the company on her own. In 1992, however, she handed over management of the company. In 1999 she left the company. She died in 2001.


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