Real Name
Tommy Churchill
Current Alias
Mad Tommy

First appearance
Appearance of Death

2000 AD prog 500


Tommy Churchill was a soldier fighting the war between the humans and the alien Krool. When almost his entire unit was wiped out, Tommy survived for weeks living rough alone in the jungle until he met up again with his former commander Kano.

Kano had been driven mad by experiments performed on him by the Krool, who had removed half of Kano's brain and replaced it with half of one of their own. Tommy realised that as the only living man who knew Kano's secret he was in danger, so he gave Kano a box containing half the brain of a dead human soldier and told Kano that it was Kano's own in order to help preserve his sanity (sound thinking there, Tom; few things are guaranteed to instil mental equilibrium as much as being told you are carrying your own brain around in a box).

Tommy then pretended to go insane himself, developing a false persona based on a World War I British soldier in order to make Kano believe he was no threat to him. (Like Hamlet, he was "not in madness, but mad in craft.") Together, Kano and Tommy founded the squad of misfits known as Bad Company.

Tommy was one of only four survivors of the original Bad Company, but later went mad for real (again, like — possibly — Hamlet) and followed Danny Franks in search of the missing Kano. Unfortunately, he was eventually murdered by accident by Kano during one of the latter's violent mental seizures caused by his telepathic connection to the Krool.


Tommy originally revealed that he was not, in fact, mad to Danny Franks in 2000 AD prog 517.



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